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    I'm just wondering what you all think of my new site - www.surfeasy.info (if the domain isn't work please try the IP - The extra pages such as the help, etc aren't working yet but the main bits are. Could you all please let me know what you think of the design? Thank you...
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    What kinda ads revenue is suitable for my site?

    Tradedoubler have been in the game for a long time now. They're kind of similar to cj.com in that they run programs for other companies... so the programs there can vary from PPC to a commision on sales, etc.
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    david blaine...real?

    Us Brits love David Blaine... he's given us a great target to practice our golf and an easy thing to flash our bits at! :D He's either crazy or a fraud:devious2:
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    Web Designer Needed

    Expect to see something from me within the new 2 or 3 days. Is there anyother ways to catch their attention other than flash or javascript? It's times like these knowing flash probably wouldn't be a bad idea :rolleyes: Hopefully you should hear from me soon.
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    Website Idea

    It's been done before, but it's still a good idea. I'm sure you could add a new twist on the idea which would make your site unique. One such site which I like is www.getoutthere.com - it offers the oppurtunity to get recognised, not just for musicians but for other areas too. Good luck if...
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    Deeplist, why do you feel the need to comment on other people's comments? I may be mistaken, but I thought it was Ginius who asked people's opinions on his site? As for Netscape - people who care about it are good designers as they do not want to unneccessarily cut out potential visitors from...
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    Newest Website

    Why ask for comments then? The fonts are virtually impossible to read god knows how somebody with low contrast or whatever will read them.... Other than that it looks ok.
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    What do you use to create graphics?

    Paint shop pro 7 and Photoshop 7... would like to try more but never get around to it!
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    Section5.net Contest

    ^^ From section5.net :biggrin2: :D
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    SexualForums.com - Suggestions on the site please

    Just one thing. If you say nobody under 17 is allowed in, what about people from countires other than the US where it is legal for them to have sex at say 16? If it's to talk about sex, get advice about safe sex and the likes I wouldn't impose an age limit at all. What is it for? If minors are...
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    What is your Favorite Car ?

    You've got to love Bentleys or Rolls Royces, huge, but high performance too... also look great rolling on chrome rims :D
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    Tierra Nova

    I probably shouldn't get involved but... First of all, why not take this into the privacy of email for both of your sakes. Also, it's possible for spammers to take advtanage of formail scripts, perhaps this was the case here?
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    It actually looks like a very good offer. They also have no ads until december 2003.
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    Osama Bin Laden Captured!

    Still, they must have scoured with a fine tooth comb to find any trace of him