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  1. J

    Cheap Host

    You might give a check to discount-hosting.com. I have had a number of sites with them through the last couple of years. They have been solid for only $10 per year and meet your requirements. No cgi & no pop accts (forwarding only) but they have php.
  2. J

    Free/Low Cost Personal Use Email

    Thanks to both for your thoughts... I ended up going with the host and SquirrelMail option.
  3. J

    Free/Low Cost Personal Use Email

    I have a domain for personal use that I want to create 4 or 5 email addresses that I can view online (hopefully without ads). Is their any free or low cost service (like BigMailBox.com) for someone like me? Another option is some low cost host that already has something like...
  4. J

    RevenuePilot Pmt Experience

    I'd thought that I would report back (since I started this thread) and get the topic back to the original question.... I did receive a check from RevenuePilot. My first month revenue(actually less than a month) didn't add up to their minimum but they sent it anyway... that was nice...
  5. J

    RevenuePilot Pmt Experience

    Thanks to all for the response. For what it's worth... I am now using you for my textlinks. The system looks great and I'm looking forward to the first payment when I go over the $50.
  6. J

    RevenuePilot Pmt Experience

    No response? Has anyone been paid by them???
  7. J

    RevenuePilot Pmt Experience

    There seems to be some RevenuePilot users in this forum... I recently been accepted and wanted some feedback on their payments. Basically, are they making them and they on time? I'm a little gun shy since my recent experience with Snooply and their lack of payment of $100 they owe me.
  8. J

    directoris: banned for life

    Let's see.... just how much did you pay to get this level of service? How can these one time fee plans ever make it? Everyone (correctly so) becomes all hot and bothered by "unlimited bandwidth" promotions but this is basically the same type of thing. Kind of like your boss telling you that...
  9. J

    Forums for advertising ???

    Jan has given you the best info with GeekVillage and SitePoint. Here is another to take a look at: http://gethighforums.com/bin/Ultimate.cgi
  10. J

    Cyberwings vs Discount Hosting

    Yes it is.... they changed over to tForum in December. I started one site with them (dim8.net) about 6 months ago as kind of a lark. I now have three there because their service has turned out great.
  11. J

    Cyberwings vs Discount Hosting

    Let me throw in Dimentions 8. They have a special at $39.99 per year (Special Offers on main page). If support is important to you, take a look at their boards to see how happy their clients are. http://www.dim8.net
  12. J

    a good way to pay for hosting?

    It sounds like you don't have this site running yet... Why don't you get it going on a free host first, get your traffic up and then switch to a paid host (that you have your own banners & popups). You really need to have your traffic established before a decent program will accept you.
  13. J

    How can I get into Fastclick?

    Re FastClick: I recently got in with my small real estate relocation site. Currently, I'm giving them around 12,000 impressions per month. I guess they liked the type of traffic over volume. I've got to say, this is one nice network and my sites visitors are clicking on them. Still, I'm...
  14. J

    Royalty-free images

    Here is another place to look: http://www.freeimages.co.uk
  15. J

    anybody try hostrocket

    Martie has the best suggestion for you... I've never used them. From what I've read they used to be highly regarded but over the past year there seems to be many clients posting that their customer service is now the pits. Again, go do webhostingtalk and do a search.