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    Hosting myself?

    I second what CareBear reccomends. Also, if you are wanting to host *just* media files off your computer, you can use Xitami web server, which can be found at: www.xitami.com (I believe that is the URL..). I do like Xitami and you can easily reboot the server, and halt the server, and...
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    which free chat(php script) is the best!

    One I like is Develooping flash chat, www.develooping.com. :)
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    good free bannerless hosting server needed

    I can host you, 100MB space and 1GB bandwidth; yourname.comm1biz.net, Ensim CP. PM me if interested.
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    Web host needed

    and the hotlinking, since netfirms frowns upon that.
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    As far as I am concerned, I get "it" so there is no reason for me to see "it" on the internet. Especially at a web host. So as far as I know, hostultra (the host, not the owner) is going down that spiral downfall that cannot be stopped until it is gone.
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    I'd like to hurt those hosts with porn 404 ads seriously.
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    xtremesite.com = GONE

    A pity, but not a suprise.
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    What is the best FREE webhost for me??

    www.unlimband.com About those lies about "Unlimited" bandwidth.
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    Free 100x100 Avatars!

    I made these with paint shop pro 7.. for this: I made a gradient, I used a gray one for the specific one above. I used sunlight, put the rays in the direct middle of the graphic. I used the wind tool, and twirled the image. Then used wind again, and twirled it. :)
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    www.xtremesite.com is back up

    Then it must be from some other site's popups. :rolleyes: I think I had other sites open at the time (perhaps with my 14 windows open :p) and one must've been on another free host with popups... :p :rolleyes:
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    Any word on Muttle yet?

    Muttle's dedicated server was hosted at FDC Servers (www.fdcservers.net), as you know. FDC uses Yipes as their ISP (no cogent zone, and Yipes are their only isp) for their customers' servers. As each server is put online, FDC gets slower, because it is "shared". So, muttle's server and the other...
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    50 megs

    Web1000 and 50Megs, off my list to reccomend to other people, along with Tripod UK. :angry2: EDIT: If you don't want to pay the $6.99 (WHO WOULD?!) for a subdomain at 50Megs, try these hosts: http://www.host.sk/ (no-ads, if you can stand the speed) http://www.spaceports.com/ (banner...
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    Free 100x100 Avatars!

    Now try it. One of my staff members must've deleted it... :rolleyes: :mad: :angry2:
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    Very fast here at home with 28k as well... :p Wonder if they offer reseller accounts? :D ;)
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    www.xtremesite.com is back up

    I saw pop-ups on a hosted site! :rolleyes: