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cP Creator - **FREE** Free Host Manager

Suggestions Needed. Please.

I'm re-coding the whole order form and most of the system for v2.7, and I need suggestions on how you want it to work and feel. View this thread for more information:
To the forum
Jonny, whenever people slightly mess up on the order form and go back again to fix the errors the script says that the username is already used.
Now the client account and packages are seperate. So for example one client can order more than one package.
There's ticks and crosses for all the details now on the order form, which have been better made.
Version 2.6.2 Released
I was recieving a lot of reports of the amount being left blank on Paypal. I really don't get it sometimes, I went through that order process around 50 times. Anyway, that's fixed and is available for download off the main site.

NOTE: While upgrading all you need to replace is normpages/paypal.php. You DONT need to run the upgrade script.

I was also planning myBB 1.4 intergration but after testing it and it working fine out of the box. Nothing was changed there. Version 2.7 is also blazing in development. I'm so looking forward to getting this out into the community. It may be a while though.
Version 2.7 Released!
I'm excited to let this version out into the community. This version totally revolutionises cP Creators user system, order form and other area like client control panel and many pages in the admin area. As well as this, I also added features like client announcements and every currency paypal supports.

Full Changelog
1) Duplicate backend check added for packages add
2) Server edit works
3) New theme called 'refresh'
4) Errors in client cp have been fixed
5) Total new order form, too many features to list. Im lazy like that.
6) AEF Forum added in Post 2 Host
7) Every currency Paypal supports added
8) Server status page supports multi server
9) Client announcements added. Post articles and news directly to all or one users client cp.
10) Module links now can be disabled on staff acounts
11) All styles fixed for IE
12) Email Validation renamed to Free

cP Creator.com
I thought it should be weeks or even months before the release :p Downloading and upgrading now, will get back with some feedback later :D
I actually finished it a lot quicker than planned. Tested it and it went without a hitch really. With all the huge changes I wern't expecting it.

Hopefully it'll be great. Thanks for downloading.
Awesome, I'm so glad everyone has this working perfectly. If the upgrade broke with this, there would of been some very broken data and lost information.
Hi Jonny,
This looks really good.
I am wondering if I can use it to offer free hosting for a niche:

- restricted to customers with their own domain name
- and of a particular TLD (eg. only allow .info domains)

Appreciate all the effort you have put into this. Definately become very popular.

Best wishes,

- Vince
Regarding those questions, you can allow it to be domain only, but you can't allow only certain domains, sorry.