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cP Creator - **FREE** Free Host Manager


The Hosting Tool
cP Creator is a brand new, unique cPanel Creation script like no other. With it's powerful, secure CURL creating script it gives you, the host the flexibility and power needed to automate your Free Hosting buisness. The well coded fast loading, flexible script gives you the ease needed without none of those dreaded error messages which you don't know anything about. If something did go wrong in cP Creator when creating the account, no matter what error it is, it will give you a debug. A debug which will inform the host exactly what is the problem!

Main Page
  • Your own TOS
  • Domain/Subdomain
  • Package List
  • Welcome Email
  • Loading Bar
  • 3 Step System

Admin Control Panel
  • Change Sitename, Company, URL
  • Edit your cPanel Settings
  • Edit your TOS - FULL HTML
  • Welcome Email Editor - FULL HTML - INCLUDE USERS DETAILS
  • Add/Edit/Delete Packages
  • Add/Edit/Delete Subdomains
  • News Feature, check up on the latest cP Creator news!

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Hey Jonny, :) once again I'm impressed, this looks like a great tool. One question: you planning a post 2 host addin ? :p
Just tested it, it delivers a whole bunch of MySQL errors for me.

Dammit i really need to get php5 and MySQL5 running under windows :S
cP Creator v1.6 BETA Launched

v1.6 is now released! What's new?
1) Complete Re-Write in Template System. Choose your own theme in ACP, plus Classic Theme added!
2) User System Added. Suspend and Terminate accounts in ACP.
3) Bugs Fixed - (Browser Login Blanks, General minor updates)
4) Sigunps Disabled Message - Change it in ACP
5) Email Validation - To prevent Spam, email validation has been added. You can change the email template in ACP.

cP Creator 1.7 BETA Released

What's new?
1) Added a Page system onto Manage Users
2) Modify your WHM Suspension Page!
3) Import WHM Accounts!

Very nice Job you have done their mate, Looks professional and easy to use, I will give it a try shortly.
Jonny`, there seems to be a security issue with the script. If you want to know more, PM me. I, and at least one other person, have experienced this, and the commonality is cpCreator.
v1.8 RC1 is now released!

Whats new?
1) A whole new Module System, code your own billing addons!
2) Domain & Subdomain Choice Option
3) Dropdown Menu ACP Style
4) Admin Validation
Can we see some dox for writing modules ??? It's not really a feature untill people know how to use it ....
yay the system looks wonderful..
err.. are you planning to also have a user panel?
like clients can submit support tickets?
that would be a wonderful addition..