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    are you still active on this forum, I talked to you 14 years ago !

    are you still active on this forum, I talked to you 14 years ago !
  2. heukw

    are you still active on this forum, I talked to you 14 years ago !

    are you still active on this forum, I talked to you 14 years ago !
  3. heukw

    The Official Lycos UK Thread!

    this I don't know why lycos.co.uk want people from asia to signup but don't want to use the service(s). They could have blocked them from signing up, I hope that would be better than deleting the account or denying access to certain service(s) later. There is nothing mentioned in the General...
  4. heukw

    is freehostempire.com good?

    this hey conkermaniac, i think http://www.freehostempire.com/ block visitors from China and that's why you can't access their website :)
  5. heukw

    Damn Netfirms To Hell!!!

    with free hosting sometimes .... i know you have not understood what i said, but don't worry one day you too .... :cool:
  6. heukw

    cgi/asp/mysql/lotsofspace/unlim.band.-does it exist

    perl n MySQL is a good combination :) hey akamogh no free host can give u this much features for more than a month :biggrin2: go for a good payed hostin
  7. heukw

    recommend me a host please

    try www.godaddy.com and www.000domains.com => too costly for him and it doesn't meet his requirements either www.valcato.net £12.99/$19.99 => how good are they ? Try the following, but i donno how reliable ar they :) http://www.compila.com £12.00 + Vat per year...
  8. heukw

    recommend me a host please

    but Well there will be some hosts, but how long can they afford givin these features for such a low amount :rolleyes:
  9. heukw

    how good

    www.supanames.co.uk www.lonex.org www.novanix.com how good are these host ? Any other good uk hosts. ?
  10. heukw


    Any problem with the following host's http://membersite.topcities.com http://www.mycgiserver.com http://community.isavvix.com not showin up since last week :(
  11. heukw


    Hello, I need the following, any good host ? what is the best price :-) Web Space: 10MB Bandwidth a Month: 1 GB Email Aliases/Forwards: 3 Domains: 1 DNS control (Online Control Panel) Sub Domains: 1 FTP Accounts: 1 Database: MySQL, 1 database, 10MB size Supported languages: PHP...
  12. heukw

    ask for help

    try this Hello num11 try this host www.traffichouse.de/asia1/free.htm But please don't use them for storing warez stuff :D <removed extra http:// >>
  13. heukw

    php and mysql free

    Any one using www.myhost24.com ? How reliable r they ? They take only 100 new accounts per month.
  14. heukw

    Which is the best host with php+mysql?

    this You must post at least a minimum of 10 qualifying posts in the forums before you can apply for web hosting. OK Once you have hosting, you are required to make 50 posts within 30 days to keep your hosting account. :rolleyes: That's too much
  15. heukw

    Muttle Down Again?

    this Muttle.com are u gonna block all asian IP coz of warez ? But if you wanna prevent warez stuff completly i feel like you should block all IP's from EARTH ;)