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Recent content by Baggio

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    Anyone used this host before?

    Link Just want to ask if anyone has used this host before, since the price seems affordable... Any experiences on the quality of service, uptime etc? Thanks in advance. Baggio.
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    bye bye come2store

    You're better off than I am then... I can't even upload to that server now
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    Sounds a bit too good to b true....
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    netfirms blocks ips from china!!??

    yeah, disappointing but true... I used to be unable to view any sites on netfirms before, until recently, when I changed ISP...
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    Offsite Linking!

    if u mean just images, then netfirms does... well, they don't stop ya at least
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    wanted: 50meg or more, cgi, perl, no ads and FTP ???

    not many no ads hosts now... spesh with all that u want.... if u want one that lasts long with such capabilities, host it on ur home pc
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    Support or Against?

    Definitely against!
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    FTP Programs...

    well, mainly leechftp... altho it tends to crash a bit, so thats one thing where flashfxp is better at
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    The dude would b better off working on his site first before offering to host others... loads of typos and the that lil glitch in the layout...the top table is slightly wider than the main table and looks wierd
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    Rate my squad/clan site

    Text in the main body seems a bit too large... maybe u could reduce it by a size
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    Take A Look At This Simple Design

    yup,I'd agree... nice I prefer sites that r clean and simple like this... just that error @ the bottom...
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    FIle storage

    110megs? sheesh.... if u wana store it online, your best bet would to be split it up into several files and then register 3 of those 50 meg e-mail accounts... send it up there... altho I think there file size limit is something like 4 megs / file
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    guess they must have removed more of those space and data transfer hogs then...
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    Depends where u r and what time of day... can be fairly fast for me sometimes... tried over 25kb/s upload speed once