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Why Would You Do Such A Thing?? WHY??

i have emailed the Muslim Council of Britain, and many other Muslims councils around the world. This is one evil I will make sure will be stopped!!
uzzer said:
i will do everything in my power to remove this website!!!

t0pher said:
seriously. i know its a generaliztion, but most muslims do take stuff way to seriously.

Uzzer, meet the real world. Real world, meet uzzer.

I seriously think you A) have no sense of humour B) take things way too seriously and C) are extremely ill-informed.
Well I found the Jesus one really sick.. It's one thing "dressing up" some being crucified, but Jesus? that's just wrong! Uzzer! please contact me if i can help remove them both!
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i dont find it funny. Its attacking Islam and the Prophet PBUH in a so called 'funny' way.

I have contacted about 13 Muslim Councils and have contacted the BBC.
I am contacting as many people as I can. I am not going down without a fight!!
Garfield+ said:
Well I found the Jesus one really sick.. It one thing "dressing up" some being crucified, but Jesus? that's just wrong! Uzzer! please contact me if i can help remove them both!
If you have ANY Muslims contacts, send them all an email with the address on it and tell them to spread it, the more Muslims who know, the chance of us winning!!
And if you have any Christian contacts, then do the same, because I will!!!
I'm afrand that i dont now any muslims:( I'm danish and i was afried of contacting them... But i will contact christans!
ok, you should'nt be afraid. if you feel that the published pics were wrong, then dont be afraid! contact as many people as you can. i'm doing it now
If people cant take a *JOKE* then what can I say, I found them funny & still would no matter who it was to tell you the truth.
Dude, no one really cares about 1 or 1000 websites poking fun at Muhammed or Jesus or anything. No one gives a damn. Except Muslims.

If Muslims are to move forward as a culture and as a people, they must realize what is farce/satirical.

Many, many, MANY, people have made fun of Jesus, does that insult the 2.1 BILLION Christians on this planet? No, not really. Why should 1.3 billion Muslims be offended of a few satirical cartoons that's really no worse than any other comic about Jesus?

To me, it seems as if Muslims believe that their religion is the best in the world, and that no one is allow to criticize, comment, or otherwise say anything about Islam.
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uzzer said:
because we (Muslims) love our Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

But we dont, if you dont like them then dont read them, simple. Why come crying about it :cry2: :cry2: :cry2:. Its just a comic, there funny & a good read :p. LIFE IS TOO SORT.
And you don't think Christian's love theirs? If they didn't, why is it the most practiced religion on the planet?

Let me remind you, before Muhammed was even born, if you were caught speaking blasphemy, you would have been executed. Now this was 500 AD(dark ages) and lasted all the way until the Renaissance era(1400s).

It seems as if the Muslim people are still in the dark ages. Imagine that, in the year 2006, people are still acting the same way they did 1500 years ago.