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Why Would You Do Such A Thing?? WHY??

I know you say you don't condone the violence they are causing but how active are you in helping prevent these condemnable actions versus your extreme reaction to a website?

Have you done any writing to the Muslim councils to stop the rioting and destruction? If you haven't then you need to stop blaming the rest of the world for using a double standard in the same way you are...
I read your posts about writing to the councils about getting that website taken down. I didn't see anything about writing to them about ending the violence...
uzzer said:
i have. I have wote to about 34 of them. havnt you read my posts???

I guess topic now is being blown out of proportion.
Uzzer, whatever the summary now is, point is dannish cartoonish, were not riht in designing or sketching such cartoons but Muslims were equally wrong in rioting.

You don't go on to rampage and violence if someone does not listen to you.

Point is you just can't justify violence in any manner, be it your religion, be it your Prophet.

So, let peace prevail and mature little bit. Understand the situation. Ther eis no point fighting or arguing here. And don't try to make it East vs West.

East includes many nations besides Muslim dominated and not all of them encourage violence, most of them are peace loving ones, so don't just use wrong facts or examples.

There is no point in arguing further as I see.
If uzzer does not want to learn, let it be.
And Uzzer, don't expect members of FWS to aplogise for Danish cartoonists and neither expect anyone here to accept your justification of violence Muslims did.

ok, i am not expecting them to apologize.
I respect what you wrote TAnderson.
I am against the violence reaction of the Muslims. As I said I would burn the buildings and flags and kill people etc.

Yes, the Danish Cartoons were wrong
No, the Muslims shouldn't have reacted that way.

I think we have come to that agreement atleast.