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FWS Meet-Up

Will you be attending the first ever FWS Meet-up in London?

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Hey guys I will go to BlueSquare DC in the middle of May any chance to re-arrange the date (I am just trying my luck) :)
I had purchased my plane tickets to come over to London, but with the whole volcano fiasco it doesn't look like it is a good time to fly. I've canceled my tickets to just avoid getting caught in the unbelievable mess that will still be going on by this weekend.
Nope :)

Just trying to find somewhere still that can still cater for the numbers, but can deliver a price that is justifiable for us all.

Had a hotel which looked promising in London - but @ £45/head - it's not worth it.

Numbers? Bleh. 5 People said in the Poll they will definitely go. Surely you can find a Hotel that will cater for 5 to 10 people.
I say scrap it. It seems all the interest has shot out of it. If you want to do a meet up, then get someone more involved in the community to do it.

Personally, just get an IRC and get everyone in for a night or 2 every month or 2.
I can only imagine how nerdy the conversations would be.

"Oh, man, remember 10 years ago when we used to make new threads just to inform our resident troll that his home country had submarines with screen doors? Those were the days."

lmfao..... remember he tried to get me banned for that, along with me ragging on the ejection seats their helicopters have?
They were Adobe subs btw :p

I would maybe go... if it's at a good strip club. I could get Jan drunk and let her give me that lap dance she's always wanted to give me... then she could go moderate the pole..
I could host one here on the East Coast.

I could attend one on the east coast if it was somewhere like NYC, probably could go as far south as Baltimore since I've managed to get myself lost there a few times while visiting friends in New Jersey.

London though I would also be facing the dilemna of not enough money to plan it out as my summer vacation, but if I ever did go that way I would want to visit Ireland at least in the same trip.
Wow I forgot about this. I think we might try one here in the UK for 2011, unsure as of yet but myself & JasonS will have a chit chat about it and get back to you.
UK meet-up, probably too expensive for most of us on this side of the pond.

I want to visit Scotland someday. Part of my family comes from the Isle of Lewis.
UK meet-up, probably too expensive for most of us on this side of the pond.

I want to visit Scotland someday. Part of my family comes from the Isle of Lewis.

So True.

I can't afford it. I have surgery to pay for :(
So you guys missed the London FWS Meet-up in December? I was there.
I was in London at this house for a home cinema event in early December. I thought about having a fws meetup the next day, but I was there only for that evening so it wasn't possible.
If I had been alone I think I might have been a bit scared... The bedrooms are on the bottom floor next to the graves. And it's glass walls out to the Highgate cemetary. We stayed at a hotel in Camden though, so I was just there for the event during the evening.
Mhmm, be interesting to try get this going again. But when I was doing it all last time - people weren't happy with the location vs price.

It's hard to satisfy everyone it seems.