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  • Yeah, seriously! When I spent a couple of weeks in Melbourne a few years back, I ventured out west along the Great Ocean Road and happened upon a koala about 15 feet up, in a tree, somewhere vaguely near Lorne or something like that. It was pretty rural. I'm thinking, oh hey look a koala how adorable. I got within about ten feet of the tree, trying to get a closer look, and I'm pretty sure the little guy said to me in Koalish, "Hey ----er if you get anywhere near me I'm gonna rip your face off, fool" or something like that. Never been more scared of something cute and fuzzy in my life.
    Fun as hell! Just found a bunch of public camping / hiking land near my house and I've been (ab)using it. Luckily I don't have to worry about being hunted down by lions or Tasmanians up here like y'all do.
    Great to hear from you. Sorry, I must be a little dim or something. What does d(^_^)b mean?
    Haven't been to FWS in ages and discovered your message for friendship. Thank you for the great words. Quite a coincidence, as prior to checking my notifications I was looking at the Forums and thinking the exact same about your posts!
    Not much, our church has taken over a huge old school and the network needs reinstated, there is loads of cat5e and internal fibre but bugger knows where any of it goes :rolleyes2 the drawings 'got lost' (yeh right) that and setting up a new company, so pretty quiet really :angel:
    At the time you posted that eating a curry, think yourself lucky, could have been worse :lol:
    What's up :classic2:
    Hi Sarmth, good :classic2: how's you and why do I get a feeling there's something comming :biggrin2:
    eh, you could bring your BF to stay next to you when you browse the internet so he won't have reasons to feel that way. Welcome Back!
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