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  • Cant seem to get into the Budlo forums the past few days and I just got a message telling me my account was suspended for not posting. Is Budlo down for good?
    Eh, slowly dying... and trying to come up with a new script to code and things to add to FLDS
    Hey Dan,

    I won't be able to get to Bendigo this time around (A lil too far to travel for 1 day) perhaps some time in March but who knows.
    Hey Dan,

    I reviewed your website and I have a few pointers/tips for you.

    #1 - your costs for your shared hosting are too low. People will look at the $1.99 and $3.99 and think "hrm, cheap" and wonder what the problem is. I would go $3.99 / $5.99 / $8.99 - and remove resellers

    I went the route of eliminating all tiers and went with 1 tier at one price. Yearly get a discount.

    Resellers - we stopped offering them due to the cost to support.

    Dedicated servers - good mix. 7 day deployment is harsh considering most of the "big guys" will turn it around in 1 hours. IF you can get a supplier to get you gear quickly, I would offer 2-3 business days after payment. Also, charge setup on the monthly, and remove it/give discount for yearly prepaid. Or look at reselling another providers systems and act as the service/support rep. Your turnaround would thus benefit from the bigger provider (like Serverbeach) and they get better/personal service from you and you both get the reliability of the bigger guys.

    I'm no designer as the forums will attest to, but you might want to look at a more graphical/polished template. I do well with your site looking for substance. Most hosters aren't tho - they want the "ooooh" factor.

    The goal is simplification and cost reduction. Paying out of pocket sucks - I did it for years.

    I can understand why you lump me in with overselling scum, but I am not. Read my post HOW TO post, question me, anything. I have put a huge amount of time, money and effort in the past 1.5 years to do do CWahi up and to be attacked by others, including yourself, is frustrating to no end.

    I am attempting to reprove something I started to do 11 years ago that I got screwed in doing and am leveraging my knowledge and experience in an attempt to do it right this time.

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