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    Photoshop and Fireworks, are they worth?

    i would recommed just getting the redone macromedia suite. its great for web design. photoshop is only beneficial if you are doing a lot of print work.
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    Cheapest .com Domain

    netfirms.com - $4.95 ive used them for like 2 years and they work fine. their hosting isnt great, but ive had no problems with domains.
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    Ridiculous FREE requests

    Yea, dreamhost is the worst with overselling in my opinion. 1.6 TB BW for 7.95 a month? Oh, they forget to mention that if you use over 20gb your account is going to be taken down.
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    Ridiculous FREE requests

    I need a free dedicated server. I have a 'legal' cpanel licence so i need at least 512 ram. I'm going to be hosting an mp3 download site so i need tons of bandwidth. No ads, and am willing to post, but no more than 5 per month. What do you think?
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    Looking to buy host -$500

    <<Mod edit - Snipped reference to removed post.>> Can a mod just close this? I already had enough offers and found one I'm staying with. :bkick:
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    Looking to buy host -$500

    yea, i know what i'm doing. i did have a few clients hosted before, but didnt have the time so i gave them to someone. i jsut didnt want to waste time right away marketing to try and break back into the business. if anyone has questions feel free to post or PM them to me. you can also email...
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    Looking to buy host -$500

    I am looking to buy and already established hosting company. I have a $500 budget. Free hosts ok, either way needs to have at least a few customers. Thats about it. Thanks!
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    Free Web host for sale

    I take it this sale is over?
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    Looking for a Coder

    what would the coder get in return?
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    cheap reseller

    thanks for all of the replies. i wasnt hoping for rediculous amounts of space. i just wanted to see what was out there. thanks!
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    cheap reseller

    I just wanted to see whats out there. I would like to see what kind of a reseller I could get for less than $5 a month. No real space requirements. Hopefully unlimited features, and of course whm/cpanel. Also private nameservers are a plus. Dont bother posting if its more than $5 as that is...
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    e107 CMS - Wow

    xoops is sweet! go with that.
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    Widescreen laptops - worth it?

    i'd just go with whichever has the highest max resolution. its not worth it if the widescreen has a low resolution. i have a 14 inch widescreen and its nice, but not really that huge of an improvement. and the weight thing isnt really true. my 14" weighs about 4lbs. and is plenty protable...
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    Widescreen laptops - worth it?

    it depends on the max resolution...
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    Free hosting with cPanel

    bump it to 10mb and its the the perfect free host.