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    Unlimited BandWidth

    Well the reason host ultra stays alive is the fact that they have the file size limit and the free hosting customer is much much different from the paid hosting one. Very few free sites will use much at all in the way of transfer. Often the ads and such chase visitors away, and most don't try to...
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    Many companies offer it, very few actually meet it when it comes to crunch time. Quite often you will find that "network outages" and so forth are not part of getting a refund in the small print. Many offer the guarentee, but probably issue very few to almost no refunds actually following it out.
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    Who is your host/What is your hosting company?

    Well, as others have stated, my information would be found in my sig as well. ;)
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    Guide line to choose a host

    This is a site that I contribute to some and has the type of information that you're looking for. http://www.moderninsider.com/ This would be a good article to begin with: http://www.moderninsider.com/article21.html
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    Unlimited BandWidth

    Unlimited transfer is simply not possible. Everything has a limit. If a web host attempts to tell you otherwise, then stay far away from them. Often these unlimited accounts get cut off when they reach a certain resource usage. Companies that offer unlimited very often up and disappear in the night.
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    Simply put...a SCAM. Stay far far away from them. WHT should offer more than enough reasoning for this.
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    Looking for reseller hosting

    Greetings, FastEZ Hosting has an offer for you. Our client servers run 99.9%+ uptime and our servers are monitored 24/7 by our staff. Emerald Reseller Plan 3000 MB Space 40 GB Bandwidth Unlimited Features $26.00/month Custom Reseller Plan 3500 MB Space 45 GB Bandwidth Unlimited...
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    Need 40g transfer 500mb space

    Greetings, FastEZ Hosting has an offer for you. Our client servers run 99.9%+ uptime. Custom Plan 1000 MB Space 50 GB Transfer Unlimited Features Ensim Pro Control Panel $30.00/month w/ cPanel $40.00/month Please contact me personally if you have any questions at all. Kind...
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    anyone tried it?

    Well it's up for me, but loads very slow. I am in the Southeast USA. I just wonder why the plans on the left link to another website.
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    Need a Hosting Package.

    Greetings, FastEZ Hosting has an offer for you. Our client servers run 99.9%+ uptime. Emerald Shared Plan 500 MB Space 10 GB of Transfer 100 Pop3 Email Accounts Unmetered Subdomains Unmetered Email Forwarders Unmetered AutoResponders 10 Addon Domains 20 MYSQL Databases Free Domain*...
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    5 gigs sapce / 50 gigs bandwidth / PHP & MYSQL Reseller

    Greetings, FastEZ Hosting has an offer for you. Our client servers run 99.9%+ uptime. Custom Plan 5000 MB Space 50 GB Bandwidth Unlimited Features $35.00/month Ruby Reseller Plan 4000 MB Space 55 Gigabytes of Transfer Unlimited Features $36.00/month Diamond Reseller Plan 5000...
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    Exactly, just type in your ip address at http://www.whois.sc and you will see what I am talking about. All of his servers are from RS and they're supposedly P4 2.0 GHz+. Believe me I had an account there for a few months I know how it is there. I kept it a little extra just to see how it...
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    Good advice for anyone to follow. As for the offer, even the largest HD's on servers would not allow for someone to sell 15 GB Space and make any sort of profit without overselling of space which is very very dangerous. I give this host a couple of months. This company is a reseller of...
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    Soliciting Offers

    Greetings, FastEZ Hosting can put together an offer just for you. If it does not work for you, then feel free to contact me personally and we can work something else out for you. Our servers run 99.9%+ uptime, and they are not blacklisted by any of the major blacklists. The plan includes a...
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    Info about host

    Robert did just about sum the situation with them up. There have been nothing but problems over on WHT with them in all honesty and every thread about them seems to go bad. The list right now is: 1. The owner was part owner of another company and when the other half owner disappeared, p4host...