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    Need a new free host...

    My current website is being hosted with f2s.com, but they are discontinuing their services in February. I'm now looking for a new free host that is reliable. The following are a few things that I'm looking for: - Atleast 10MB of space -FTP access -No Banners If anyone can help me with...
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    Building a new computer...

    I will be going off to college in less than a year and I'd like to build a new computer to take with me. I have a lot of experience using computers and doing things like webpage design and a little programming, but I've never built a computer before and I'd like to learn. In particular I'd like...
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    Free Web Storage

    I am looking for a website that offers free web storage. I don't need much space, just about 20mb or so to store some files. If you can assist me in anyway I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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    You might want to check out everyone.net. So far, from the fourms I have used everyone.net has been the easiest to configure and I've had the least problems with them. You change the options to fit your needs.
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    Need an ISP

    I have been using free internet access for the past year and I have enjoyed not having to pay a monthly fee for it. However, over the past few months free ISPs have been dropping like flies and I have become frustrated with the ones that remain and their restrictions. I am now looking for a...
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    Paint Shop Pro 5 or 6

    I am looking to download a copy of paint shop pro 5 or 6. I am aware that 7 is available for download, but it runs kinda slow with 32mb of memory. So far I've searched download.com, tucows.com, jasc.com, and a few search engines, but all I can find is version 7 and updates for the previous...
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    Images with Rounded Edges

    I tried searching both download.com and ulead.com for ulead photo express, but I couldn't find it. Where can I get it?
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    Webspace for Minors

    I am teaching HTML to some fifth graders and I planned to have them all sign-up for webspace at geocities.com. Having signed up a few years ago with geocities, I did not realize that they now required a CC# and a parent's ID and password in order to get webspace if you are under a certain age. I...
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    Teaching Webdesign

    Soon, I will be be teaching about nine fifth graders how to make webpages. The class will last about ten days and I want them to get as much out of it as possible, while at the same time having fun. I plan to start off explaining the basics, for example what is the Internet, HTML...then I plan...
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    Well, considering this is a review forum....

    I didn't get to see very much...it took forever to load. Maybe try optimizing the images or breaking them up into smaller images to decrease load time.
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    Images with Rounded Edges

    I've been told that the images on my website are too "square" and I would like to know how I can add rounded edges to them. I am currently using Adobe PhotoDeluxe to make my images. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks in advance!
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    New Year, New Design

    I recently redirected my domain name to a new host. I think it takes a day or two for the bugs to get worked out. This may be why you got the 404 error :(
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    New Year, New Design

    to Koolguy What dead images are you talking about?
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    New Year, New Design

    What can I do to make it "unsquare"? Suggestions..ideas?
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    New Year, New Design

    I just finished redesigning my website for the new year. I would appreciate any feedback or construtive criticism that can help me improve it. The url is http://acoolguy.net Thanks in advance!