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how do you pay for hosting services?

Discussion in 'Host Talk' started by Natcoweb, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. VPS9

    VPS9 Member

    Every hosting provider having there own payment gateway, you can check there payment options
  2. Anjali44

    Anjali44 New Member

    Yes, they are different in nature. the plan and offer are different too.
  3. hongta

    hongta New Member

    I use paypal which is link with a visa card to pay for hosting sevirce
  4. boyfrenship91

    boyfrenship91 New Member

    I pay by paypal
  5. jovis

    jovis Member

    Last time I paid Bitcoins to hostwinds.com. They started accept that and due to the high rate of the Bitcoins it end up a real bargain for me personally.
  6. johnniewalk

    johnniewalk Member

    it is completely depends on the plan which your going to select and basic plan will yearly once pay.
  7. mintedh

    mintedh New Member

    I use paypal for all of the hosting services I own
  8. Well, there are many options available for paying for my purchase of hosting services. I can do Net banking, paypal, credit card, Paytm and many more options are available with my hosting providers.

    web hosting
  9. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    I prefer free hosting. There is so much free hosting available if one really looks for it, it's never really necessary to pay for hosting. However if you really want paid hosting, then I like to use PayPal as it seems to be a universally accepted payment method in the hosting world. It feels more secure as well. In my case I like to use PayPal with prepaid Visa Debit Cards that one can buy and super stores. Like I'm quite nervous to connect my banking account with PayPal. Prepaid Visa Debit Cards have worked quite well for me with PayPal up to now although one never knows - this could change at any time.
  10. techsophia

    techsophia New Member


    Pay pal and credit card I mostly preferred.

    Hope this helps you.
  11. twist

    twist Member

    I have one of my web sites hosted with qhoster.com and they allow me to pay using perfect money or Webmoney - lots of the payment options. I think that is really great.
  12. throttle

    throttle New Member

  13. dobreauta

    dobreauta New Member

    I use only Paypal. Sometimes I pay credit card.
  14. brolog

    brolog New Member

    like most people here paypal.
  15. Rs-Calvin

    Rs-Calvin New Member

    Now most of the Hosting company have started excepting all major credit & debit cards along with Moneybookers(Skrill),Paypal,Alertpay(payza),International Bank Transfer,Bitcoins.
  16. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    I only use PayPal. I find it the easiest and most hazzle free way to pay for all of my domain renewals and Web services. I use prepaid debit cards that I get from a super market, and once they are used up, I just add new ones to my PayPal. I don't receive any funds on my PayPal as I only have it to pay for my Web services.
  17. Simlex

    Simlex New Member

    WebMoney or cryptocurrency
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 24, 2019
  18. qtechservers

    qtechservers New Member

    Paypal and 2checkout for us. Most commonly used payment options used in the hosting industry are Paypal, credit and debit card (mainly 2checkout) and Bank Transfer.

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