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how do you pay for hosting services?

Discussion in 'Host Talk' started by Natcoweb, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. geniushost

    geniushost New Member

    i pay with paypal & skrill both
  2. webboy

    webboy New Member

    paypal and credit cards the most popular to pay online.
  3. torpix

    torpix Member

  4. MSP - Nick

    MSP - Nick New Member

    Got to be credit card, don't know who to trust these days!
  5. chris7071

    chris7071 Member

    paypal and credit cards, but since paypal is not supported in many countries, skrill is a very good alternative for it .. but I use mostly credit cards ..
  6. webboy

    webboy New Member

    paypal, credit card and some hosting allow skrill, moneybookers etc.
  7. Gigarocket

    Gigarocket UFO Hunter NLC

    Card and PayPal, PayPal being the preferred method.

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  8. GreenHostBox

    GreenHostBox New Member

    When we purchase services such as dedicated servers or VPS online, we always use PayPal.
  9. bigboxhost

    bigboxhost New Member


    Pay monthly check the service reliability if it is stable go with annual package, use paypal for safe transaction.
  10. Fahadking07

    Fahadking07 New Member



    I usually pay from PayPal because it is more secure and trusted.
  11. MarionMcNair

    MarionMcNair Member

    Most of the customers are pay from Paypal and Squarespace for hosting services.
  12. GetPro

    GetPro New Member

    PayPal and Card are my ideal. Cards are less expensive to take then PayPal.
  13. CoMBoZo

    CoMBoZo New Member

    Currently our clients love to pay with paypal and credit cards but i'm thinking to add more gateways in the future
  14. cwvps

    cwvps Member

    PayPall, BitCoins, Skrill, Master Card, Visa. There are different options, depending on the provider.
  15. kunnusingh

    kunnusingh Member

    Credit card, Net banking and PayPal.

    This thread is very useful for peoples who do survey, I mean they can use response to display on their site like x% of peoples use PayPal.
  16. DAC

    DAC Member

    Most Hosting companies offer PayPal and Credit Cards as Payment methods.
  17. BlaZeX

    BlaZeX Member

    Paypal, Credit Cards & BitCoin is the most preferred nowadays.
  18. Hostname.club

    Hostname.club New Member

    Mostly our Sales Team use Credit card (both of Mastercard and Visa) and Paypal.
  19. UncensoredHosting

    UncensoredHosting New Member

    Now a days you can use credit cards, paypal, skrill or if you want to stay anonymous for some reason you can pay with bitcoin.
  20. Anjali44

    Anjali44 New Member

    I like the monthly plan. And usually pay on monthly basis.

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