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Mar 4, 2019
Aug 29, 2009
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deanhills was last seen:
Mar 4, 2019
    1. sarmth
      It means, *Thumbs Up* and Pleased. :)
    2. sarmth
    3. sarmth
      I like you! I want to be friends with you. You have a good perspective and I enjoy your objective view in designing!
    4. Decker
      You may have noticed a thread of yours (avatar thread) going a bit off topic :) it's the fun bit on the forums when we think it might get slow, join in by all means, once you get an answer if it's active it's fair game LOL, as is anyone who posts a silly one :D take Zombie (recent name change for him, and having a laugh with it) so we can all get back, not nasty but injects some fun :)
    5. Decker
      Not a problem, get a few more posts in so you can use pm's to lol :)

      The few more posts would get a bit more cred when you do post a review, but make em good uns not one liners, think about a good question even you want to ask about hosting or site dev, anything and start a thread, it'll stand you in good stead :D
    6. Decker
      Hi Dean, you could post a thread for a review but as you are new it might get hammered for it, depending on the host if it's had bad publicity in the past.

      Just a warning though, not a don't do it, just what to expect in case someone had a bad experience.

      If you do I'll watch the thread to see you don't get roasted by some of the folks, although most are very happy to see someone sign in to actually give good news :)
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