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Gmail vs Hotmail - Which is better?

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by worlditsme, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. shonpolack

    shonpolack New Member

    G mail is better then Hotmail because features of G mail are easy and useful then Hotmail.
  2. primemagz

    primemagz New Member

    Gmail offers a more robust spam protection service
    Hotmail used to put Ads in my inbox about6-7 years ago when I used to check its free mail service
  3. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    Hotmail has changed a lot however over the last few months. Since taken over by Microsoft they have offered Outlook look alike features. Not perfect, but definitely an improvement. Also, a new security feature is that if one uses a computer other than a regular one, it asks you for a security code, i.e. it sends a code to your alternate e-mail address. Only part I don't like is that it is forcing every one with Windows Live Messenger to upgrade to Skype.
  4. fsd

    fsd Active Member

  5. room05

    room05 New Member

    Gmail gets another vote from me - cleaner, quicker, don't need to type in entire email (@xx.com, etc.)
  6. EasyAsPie

    EasyAsPie New Member

    Same, I have only had one Hotmail account and it had thousands of unread spam emails. I have never had the same problem with Gmail even though I have over 10 accounts there. They also offer a lot of space for free.
  7. hostmything

    hostmything New Member

    +1. Overflowing spam with Hotmail. I have had Google Apps for business for almost 5 years now and still no complaints.
  8. HenryATWL

    HenryATWL New Member

    Gmail has always seemed easier to use. The interface is cleaner, in my opinion. Also, it is nice to have everything centralized in google to keep it all simple.
  9. WireValley

    WireValley New Member

    I used Gmail from 2006 until 2012. When Outlook.com launched, I was one of the first million to register and I finally got FirstnameLastname at Outlook.com

    It's been treating me well so far!
  10. JoeAnderson

    JoeAnderson New Member

    Recently had to look in my old Hotmail account for something, and it was just a mess of spam. Gmail does a much better job of keeping that kind of thing at bay.
  11. FiveWires

    FiveWires New Member

    For sure gmail is the best, i am using gmail since 2004.
  12. geniushost

    geniushost New Member

    I have account on both Gmail and Hotmail. But I noticed that Gmail is much better than all other email account. Easy to operate and less spam as well. Moreover data is more secure.
  13. webboy

    webboy New Member

    I use both , Gmail rocks.
  14. hellsing

    hellsing Member

    I use both. I use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and Lycos. Also Outlook since it came out a while ago. They are all equally irritating to me and I'm getting to the stage where I wish I could have a dedicated e-mail set-up like Outlook, but that feels like a sitting duck for me security wise. I like to diversify my security risk by using different e-mail accounts for different purposes, but with this of course comes frustration with being treated like a potential hacker of my own account more times than I have patience for. Outlook and Yahoo are particularly bad in this. One has to complete two security questions when signing up, BUT if one can't remember the one, you fail instantly, no chance at the second one. Gmail at least has a little intelligence to check whether we know what our second e-mail account is and to be happy with that. But then I'm naturally distrustful of Gmail, so I'd say all of them have pros and cons and in the balance all of it evens out the same, more or less. Except maybe gmail is a little ahead of the others in consciously attempting to connect up all of my surfing dots.
  15. MaxiDed

    MaxiDed Member

    Google is the best without any doubt.Hotmail ruled till gmail came into business.Now gmail is the pioneer and they always keep on improving their mail features.

    SKISLAL Member

    I have always loved Gmail interface, using it as my primary e-mail. But I also do own an outlook.com for personal stuff
  17. redbridgein

    redbridgein New Member

    i prefer gmail
  18. Vincentas

    Vincentas Member

    Gmail without any doubt.
  19. Prachi Mehra

    Prachi Mehra New Member

  20. Protocore-Hosting

    Protocore-Hosting New Member

    Hotmail for onedrive

    Gmail for drive.google.com
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