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Gmail vs Hotmail - Which is better?

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by worlditsme, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    Soon Hotmail.com will no longer exist, they are going to shut it down.

    Test the new version of Outlook Online out on http://www.outlook.com (where you can also open your hotmail/live account).
  2. danielreynolds

    danielreynolds New Member

    I am using Gmail for mailing, Gtalk to talk and blogging for sharing my opinions online. These are best application of google.
  3. smc_

    smc_ New Member

    The Hotmail name and service change announcement has upset many people here locally. I don't think MS will close your hotmail.com account rite away. But it will eventually get closed. Business card holders are already raising heck because they have to change their hotmail email address, on the card. It's microsoft; did you really think hotmail would last forever? :eek3:

  4. vikasbook

    vikasbook New Member

    Gmail is better option then going with hotmail because its more activated then hotmail and spam free way to take advantage of emails
  5. don19

    don19 Member

    For me Hotmail...

    EMail notification (with the MSN or the gtalk plugin) in miranda is nice, but it's a little bit useless for me.
    Why? The problem is not the notification, but what happens after the notification? It open the Mail website, I am not a friend of this sites. It's okay when I am outside or at work, but at home I maybe sort the mails, set reminders or whatever, or in other words, miranda is no email client.
    My EMail client is Outlook 2007. MS have a nice addon for it, it's named "Outlook connector" with this you have Hotmail access and Calendar. (And yes, screen notifications too)

    (Okay for GMail I can enable IMAP, but IMAP+GMail+Outlook, ermm, you know what I mean if you ever tried this)

    Another point is, that I very often visit MS websites, forums, blogs, newsgroups. Most of this sites have an LiveID login and alerts via EMail and Alerts.

    Spam? The spam amount in GMail is much higher.
    Sure the gmail spam folder works great, but you get the mails.
    I assume the server side spamfilter in Hotmail works a little bit better,
    even you don't get spam mails in the spam folder.
    (I know that the MS server blocks some domains)
  6. Dominatos

    Dominatos New Member

    Gmail- their anti-spam is jsut awesome.
  7. keith8385

    keith8385 New Member

    Google is the best without any doubt.Hotmail ruled till gmail came into business.Now gmail is the pioneer and they always keep on improving their mail features.
  8. coleenella

    coleenella New Member

    G mail is best mail services from Google. Its easy to use and faster work as compared to other services.
  9. manusaktteva

    manusaktteva New Member

    Gmail VS Hotmail

    It is undoubtedly Gmail. Because its easy platform enables everyone viewing mail and entire operation regarding mail.
  10. WebNet Host

    WebNet Host New Member

    I use Gmail. It has a lot of options, easy to use, it is transparent and I not receive spam.
  11. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    I'm afraid I have to agree...


    SKISLAL Member

    MS made a nice move with outlook.com . I m using it and pretty satisfied
  13. zebratheme

    zebratheme New Member

    Over here in my place most people only prefer gmail...
  14. wsac

    wsac Active Member

    gMail is the best of me. I dont see to much peoples talk about no more about hotmail
  15. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    outlook.com is pretty good indeed, but I still prefer Gmail.
  16. GameStrat

    GameStrat New Member

    Associated services

    Some users might be unaware that using a Gmail or Hotmail/Live account is about more than just email.

    Access to Google Drive - Which is like a mini, free Office suite and several free Gigabytes of online storage
    Access to special YouTube features
    Access to the Google+ Social Network

    Access to SkyDrive and OfficeOnline - Which are like mini versions of OneNote, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel with free hosting for those files
    Access to Windows Live messenger

    While both services allow for collaborative editing of documents, my vote goes to Google for ease-of-use, greater customization, and more reliable service.

    If you use any Google services, always check out the "Labs" - These are extra features that can be enabled for each service for free.
  17. johnoxx

    johnoxx New Member

    I think both are good but gmail is best now a days.
  18. tnhamanda

    tnhamanda New Member

    Definately gmail. Secure, and less spam.
  19. Phyllis

    Phyllis New Member

    Gmail is a lot better..

    Gmail is a lot better..
  20. trueman

    trueman New Member

    Gmail having advanced anti spam, it's the best.
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