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Gmail vs Hotmail - Which is better?

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by worlditsme, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. HostPuma

    HostPuma Premium Member Premium Member

    Im a Hotmail/MSN messenger generation :)
  2. alias2002

    alias2002 Member

    Gmail is better and easy to use. There are lot's of space too. I like to use Gmail most.
  3. datacenterpostcy

    datacenterpostcy New Member

    Gmail is the best one.. No other email accounts are competitive compare to it.
  4. alias2002

    alias2002 Member

    Right! I always like to use Gmail.
  5. LowVM

    LowVM New Member

    Gmail but you give only 2 option but I like to say that 3rd option is best and have a lot of features.

    Try Outlook, Used by staff like me in our office. 99% company use this.
  6. Gmail is better than Hotmail. Because I noticed most of all use Gmail for mailing service.
  7. nomanali

    nomanali Member

    • Hotmail is a 19 years of age while Gmail is 11 years of age.
    • Hotmail is accessible in 106 worldwide while Gmail is accessible in 72 countries.
    • At present, Hotmail has more than 425 million clients and Gmail has more than 430 million clients.
    • Gmail is most well known as compared with Hotmail and its Alexa rank is 89 as on April 2015 and Alex rank of Hotmail is 492 as on April 2015.
    • Hotmail is more secure than Gmail.
    • Hotmail demonstrates a full review of message which is not offered by Gmail.
    • Record transferring size is 25 MB if there should arise an occurrence of Gmail. Hotmail offers 50 MB record transferring size if there should be an occurrence of MS Office documents.
    • Hotmail has legitimate folders to organize the records while Gmail uses labels
    Now you decide it yourself that which one is better :p
  8. alornishan1

    alornishan1 New Member

    I think that gmail is better
  9. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    I've come to hate Hotmail and Yahoo off late because of their intrusive security settings. I'd travel to a different country and Hotmail/Yahoo force me to get a code from my alternate e-mail addresses, and since I'd use Yahoo for Hotmail of course that went into an irritating loop. What I then did was to change the alternate e-mail to a gmail, as gmail is relatively easier - although lately gmail is also making it more challenging to travel to a different country. Until recently when someone came up with a check script to test whether one's e-mail has been penetrated - the person who came up with the script is an Ozzie, and when I did some research on the script looks quite legit:


    I then discovered that during an Adobe scandal thousands of users' e-mail addresses got hacked - which is why the Ozzie designed the above script. I found one of my hotmail addresses penetrated, but then discovered that when I had changed my alternate e-mail address that I had inadvertently secured the e-mail from further hacking as well. Looks like one should in addition to changing passwords regularly, also change the alternate e-mail addresses. This experience also taught me that Hotmail has a more stringent security policy. Not that it makes sense all of the time, I still hate it, but probably good to diversify one's e-mail accounts. :p
  10. Jitesh Manaktala

    Jitesh Manaktala New Member

    In my opinion, Gmail is better than hotmail.
  11. penelope

    penelope New Member

    I choose Gmail
  12. Nanekor

    Nanekor New Member

    Gmail is much more better than hotmail I think. It's really easy to use and up to date.
  13. tomwalker

    tomwalker New Member

    I prefer Gmail!
  14. belladonna

    belladonna Active Member

    Hate to admit it but Gmail is my default due to how schizophrenic Hotmail/Outlook is becoming. I also use Inbox.com as a backup. I am actually shocked when I come across Aol and Yahoo email addresses still being used, but they must be doing something right all this much time later.
  15. TrinityFynn

    TrinityFynn New Member

    Gmail is easier to use but not very secured, this host should only for sharing normal document or getting newsletter.
    Hotmail is better for working purposes.
  16. mupbeo

    mupbeo New Member

    Hotmail demonstrates a full review of message which is not offered by Gmail.
  17. tuongan

    tuongan New Member

    I think gmail interface is much bette
  18. gmail is better because its they are really quicker and lot of extra features we can access from single gmail id ie google anylytics, google webmater tools, gmail , hangout, :) for me gmail is the best
  19. kitsis

    kitsis New Member

    Personally, Gmail seems to be the best webmail service out there. Nobody seems to be using hotmail anymore.
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