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    I really want to bang

    Ben + Sarah sittin in a
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    Looking to Merge w/ Free Host

    This is two companies A: Working together and B: "Sharing Clients" (?) I have an offer pending, so this is on hold.
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    Looking to Merge w/ Free Host

    (Mod: My mind started smoking when I was deciding between this forum and the ad forum, not too sure where it belongs) Hello, I am the owner of sitebunker.net. If you are able to read the site, it should give you enough info :P. We were previously offering free web hosting. After a painful...
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    Random Video Thread

    Ok, time for the community to upgrade and get a [YOUTUBE] Code. Anyways, This thread is the gay knockoff of "Random Picture Thread". Ah well. Hey, I'll start! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASFNHG7-V8g (3:40 is the best one :P)
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    P2H Companies

    P2H is not to popular now, especially when giants like x10 are offering post-free unlimited hosting (insane, but they manage it)
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    Howto - Setup an Illegal File Scanner

    locate *.nfo | mail -s NFOs youremail_address_here
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    Our new suspension/ad/inactivity system

    Hey Guys, RSmiley, its been a long long time! (IzFree being the last) But anyways, The scanner is not too CPU intensive according to my sources. I can not tell publicly what it does, for fear of people figuring out how to get past it :P But maybe we could use a common system. It consists of...
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    Our new suspension/ad/inactivity system

    Hey, We're working on a new system that will be very useful in proving how active users are. It includes not much work for us or the users, and provides them with more control over services. The users must log into the forums every 2 weeks to prevent suspension, and to unsuspend themselves they...
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    FREE VPS and earn money??

    Well, it's not like they have to sell $6500 dedicated servers, it's just $5 a month premium hosting....
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    Cool programs for xp?

    Oh yeah. I'm still subscribed to email. Great Site.
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    Free DirectAdmin Hosting

    Hi, If you need free quality web hosting with no ads and minimal forum posts, you're at the right place. Plans include up to 7.5 GB Space, and 40 GB Bandwidth. Our plans are listed at http://sitebunker.net/clients/order/ Thanks, Mason C. -Sitebunker.net
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    Disrespectful people

    Well, it wasn't intended for anyone. I didn't even see your post. Are you even hosted at smmsWEB/SiteBunker? Anyways, I am referring to the users that refuse to pay, then get suspended, then want us to unsuspend them, then still don't pay. Then they start threatening. That's what I mean.
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    FREE VPS and earn money??

    5 referals is probably fairly easy... one just has to know how to do it...
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    Gotta love the pirate n00bs :P Oh, BTW +rep cause your awesome :P