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    Offering Free Hosting

    Thank you all for the comments. The idea of course is to have a paid upgrade path and use it to feed our paid hosting brand. thats what would make it pay for itself.
  2. GordonH

    Offering Free Hosting

    After five years out of the free hosting market I am thinking about going back into it. My calculations are that with a minimal number of domain sales and upgrades to paid hosting a free service could pay for itself while adding useful economies of scale in some areas. The problem is that...
  3. GordonH

    Can anyone beat this

    Well. if you have the time you can fine tune a server and mollycoddle it so it will work with a lot of sites on it. However, if you have lots of servers this becomes uneconomical. Its actually chreaper to have more servers with fewer sites. Even using dual processors (or quads as we use now)...
  4. GordonH

    Can anyone beat this

    Its not space and bandwidth thats the issue its processor usage. That amount of space could host a lot of sites. All you need is two busy bulletin boards and the server will keel over.
  5. GordonH

    Need cheap UK webhosting

    Here is a little trick we use for customers who need UK placement on search engines but need cheap bandwidth. Most of them are shareware authors so we put the main site on a Uk server where it is not likley to use much bandwidth, then we put a second account like download.******.com on a US...
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    OK :-) Just back from holiday.....
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    Is Doctor Who really bad wolf? I thought it was Rose?
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    Try our web hosting for a year for $10

    Hostroute.com already hosts 28,419 web sites. We would like yours to be number 28,420! To encourage you we will host your site for a year for $10. Here are the details of the special offer hosting plan: 100MB of web space 6GB per month data transfer 15 e-mail accounts Mysql...
  9. GordonH

    Reseller hosting wanted

    I honestly think you may struggle to find that. You should look for a cheap VPS deal as they may be more suitable but you might have to increase your budget a bit.
  10. GordonH

    Host 5 web sites for $9 per month. Each site gets 500MB and 20GB data transfer.

    Here is what you need to know: Pay $9 per month to host 5 web sites. Each of the sites has 500MB of web space. Each of the sites has 20GB data transfer per month. Personal nameservers if required - free of charge. Plans available for 5 sites ($9), 20 sites ($19), 50 sites ($39) and...
  11. GordonH

    In business for over four years....

    ... and still providing good quality cheap hosting. Our service is sustainable. We have been providing hosting like this for over four years and we are still growing. Our customers don't have to change host every couple of months. Click Here To visit our Web Site What you get...
  12. GordonH

    Why is hosting so cheap?

    I solved this problem years ago. I set upa seperate brand to do hosting which would compete with the very cheap places. We bring in as many customers through that as we lose to the cheap places from our main brand.
  13. GordonH

    Why is hosting so cheap?

    And just to add to that, I even considered dropping the price to reduce our profits and therefore reduce our tax liability this year.
  14. GordonH

    Why is hosting so cheap?

    Just a general point: The most profitable parts of our business, and the bits that are growing fastest are the cheap hosting and reseller services. We do our cheap hosting by under populating the servers to reduce the need for staff input, using cheapo servers on reasonable connections and...
  15. GordonH

    Need 2gb storage and atleast 200 gigs bandwidth

    An account of this size will also be using a lot of processing resources. It really needs a dedicated server. Have a look here: http://www.nocster.com/servers.shtml $69.95 per month They have some closeout servers that are a bit cheaper with no set up fee...