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Offering Free Hosting


New Member
After five years out of the free hosting market I am thinking about going back into it.

My calculations are that with a minimal number of domain sales and upgrades to paid hosting a free service could pay for itself while adding useful economies of scale in some areas.

The problem is that looking at whats being offered it doesn't match what I think is economically viable.

For example, the most I think we could provide with any long term stability is 50MB of space with 5GB per month. PHP would need to be run in safe mode to prevent abuse. We could not allow SMTP and each site would need to have a domain name to prevent bandwidth abuse via mod_username. We would not provide any technical support as the servers would be kept functioning correctly so anything else would be web authoring related.

So if I went to the (considerable) trouble of setting it up would it just crash and burn or does everyone want 5GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth?


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well one of my site is little bigger and needs atleast 10gb B/w, with images sourced from outside. and 100mb to 250mb is fine!


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Thank you all for the comments.
The idea of course is to have a paid upgrade path and use it to feed our paid hosting brand. thats what would make it pay for itself.


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100MB and 2 to 5 GB bandwith will do the job. And also dont forget to limit the maximum file size in case of abuse. Limit it to 2 to 5 MB per file should be alright.
Good luck anyway. =)


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i think that its enough 500MB, or 400MB, but BW 10 GB
and that you have different plans.
First plan:

and everyone happy