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ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

Celebs are dying left and right.
Yeah, I'm thinking that. There will be a 2-4 year period of most of the ones we know now, saying byebye.

Why are we fussed about celebs dying so much when there's close family relatives of other out there also going to the skies?
I made an imac (flat all white with built in webcam) into a wifi access point at my great aunt's place. windows has to go through some hoops to get connected to it.
One of my sites recently came into some decent traffic. It's all from twitter. Who would have thought.
It is one thing to say it, it is another to mean it. (;

Her parents/friends/family have all said she means it, and I've known her years, she's never cheated on anyone (mainly because I'm her first), but hey it's around 1 year today.

And, we live together, work at the same place, and happy about it. What else can I say?
I'm putting this in here instead of the crtl+v thread so people can reply to it.

SONY could potentially gain a lot of money off a cheat device system for their PS3.

1. SONY could charge for online use of cheated items you gained in offline mode.
-- IE: If you used a "Max Money" or "Have All Items in Inventory" cheat, SONY could make it so that the cheat device sets a flag on itself for a certain game saying that when you go online, you trigger a warning message stating that all of these items/etc. will not be available unless you pay for them or not cheat them.

Granted, there is several let downs for this: A.) The company who makes the game may sue SONY for infringing on copyrights, B.) The company might sue SONY for making exploits visible to potential hackers.

2. SONY would allow game companies to patch their games to allow the cheat device to run on their games.
-- In light of the letdowns of number one, SONY could make it so that the cheat device ONLY runs when it expects a certain code at bootup. Or, if the game ONLY is offline (IE: Eternal Sonata.)

3. SONY would have to disable Trophies or disallow trophies to be gained through cheats, OR make it so that cheats aren't powerful enough to make certain enemies, bosses, etc. be too easy to earn the trophies.
-- For example, I pull out Radiata Stories. The final boss in Radiata Stories has a code that makes it so the final boss has Infinite HP when you cheat certain ways (IE: If you, yourself, have Infinite HP.) SONY could implement similar codes/patches just in case, to counter such cheats (IE: To annoy you from cheating in that way.)
-- Similarly to the first point here, SONY could disallow manual input of cheat codes altogether (IE: Like the Action Replay from Codejunkies that runs on the PSP.)

What do you all think about this? Should SONY do such a thing to get even more revenue from the cheating community?