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Osama Bin Laden Killed

Pull in the conspiracy theory line. Yeah I'm cynical over it too, but I do believe he's dead. He was buried at sea so he never had a grave that could be worshiped.
but mostly worshiped considering where he was based and living at the time, around his followers.
There are many theories, but nobody knows the truth. I've read lots of stories about Osama; he was a CIA agent, you americans TRAINED HIM how to be a better assassin. Another interesting detail is that George Bush was business partner with Osama's father.
There are many theories, but nobody knows the truth. I've read lots of stories about Osama; he was a CIA agent, you americans TRAINED HIM how to be a better assassin. Another interesting detail is that George Bush was business partner with Osama's father.
The bin Laden family before Osama was (is) a wealthy business-minded family from Saudi Arabia. I wouldn't be surprised if they were business partners. Osama's like their wacky, redheaded stepchild.

And look up the USSR invasion of Afghanistan; the US, in fact, did help the resistance there in the 80s. One of those resistance fighters was Osama bin Laden.
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With that line of reasoning you really can't believe anything you see ever. What evidence would you want that could possibly convince you? Apparently you don't accept DNA evidence because it can be modified. I can assume you wouldn't accept a photograph because that could be modified. I can assume you wouldn't accept a video because that could be modified. I can assume you wouldn't accept an independent source because that can be falsified. I can assume you couldn't identify him yourself given the opportunity to physically inspect the corpse, because the corpse could be a body double. What could you possibly accept?

At some point you've gotta realize it's just ridiculous to ignore the mountain of evidence indicating that yes, he is indeed dead.

or defaced

he kinda was "de-faced" when he got shot in the face twice
he kinda was "de-faced" when he got shot in the face twice

In order to hide trhat it is not any Bin Laden at all.

I can accept the fact if everything we see or hear is moderated before putting into public.
Every pictures you see on internet with Bin Laden killed, are fake...especially videos, are malware (don't click on pictures which says click here to view video).
In short;
1. I'm glad he's been killed, no stupid trial working on HIS human rights.
2. Reported he used 'one of' his wives as a human shield to save his own skin, what a coward.
3. Where did they get the DNA comparison to test for confirmation?
4. A lot of people get some sort of closure.
5. And this is the one on my mind most - I await the repercussions by all the idiotic/brainwashed/weak minded/fill in the rest yourselves - those that don't see it is over and no-one wants this even their own, but who will find any reason to belong to a group who think they will get status (if it's the virgins, no one told them it's all virgin gay guys that are going to have them rather than the other way around) and be applauded for their actions killing innocents and children, not those they wish to target as they again are to much of a cowardly culture within the terrorism community (as are they all).

Now they claim the kill, and the followers will claim their right to vengeance (take the burial at sea, desecration of someone they might consider a saint in their eyes).

After 10 years searching Obama's big day has 1 option and 1 only - 100 (or as many as are required) other raids to wipe out all the terror merchants to prevent anyone being harmed after his decision (as stated multiple times in his statement he is responsible).

And those actions have to be taken today, tomorrow or better still yesterday, before anyone that did not make that decision gets killed.

So celebrate USA, till the next one, so many happy faces on the news, so short sighted, I really do hope it's not going to happen but I do fear the worst when a high profile creature is taken out from a culture of madness.
You must remember that Osama was not the only guy out there doing all these things. Most terrorist organisations & sub-organisations currently out there don't get any orders from Osama - even some of the ones that claimed they did. He was just the face of terrorism, somebody for the US to call the bad guy. Soon enough somebody or something will step up and replace him. Terror will still happen, probably more or less at the same rate of the last few decades, for a long long time. It will never be fully diminished from the world's society.
Give me a damn break. With all the money that we're pumping into the military and CIA, it took them a decade to find this bastard and cap him? They thought he was hidden in mountain caves and all the while he was in some wide open fortified manshion? It's kind of funny that when Obama's approval ratings are at an all time low, something of this magnitude happens. Ironic? Maybe. The idiots on the news are saying, "It's a big moral boost!" Yeah I bet it is. Congrats on finding this douche bag, but dang...

Sure, and you're not alone. Yahoo, backed with Microsoft's business clout, has been posting some spicy stories that clearly have been brewing for a while now. Pakistan was hiding him and telling us behind the scenes "better not touch him or else", which makes us look dumb, hence your comment. Approval part aside, I'd call the timing more that he left it alone for two years "since two more years isn't any worse than the previous eight", because he knew he had all those domestic items on his agenda. However crappy it was, he was the only one of five presidents to get a health care bill through, and he did fix the mess handed him by the republican predecessor guys who predictably tried to blame it on him via astroturf comments on the web.

So with all that junk out of the way, he made his move. Pakistan?! Really?! It will take a couple months of cultural "processing" before we come to terms with that one. It's just this side of Impeachment Grade for W. Bush, except he is out of office, and he knows it. What Obama did was time it for Year Three, the "dead year", so we can stew on it, rather than election season directly.

Edit: Just now Yahoo came through with another news link. All told, for Yahoo to be peeling off ten stories on this in a week, you know they were sitting on the results for months, waiting for an official go-ahead.


Obama: bin Laden had support network
"WASHINGTON – Osama bin Laden benefited from "some sort of support network" inside Pakistan, President Barack Obama said in a Sunday broadcast interview..."
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I've previously said that Obama was only the symbolic leader of Al Qaeda, I was entirely wrong. The intelligence they dug up showed he clearly was in control of the organization and was given out orders. People will say this was just a symbolic elimination. It clearly isn't. And it's importance could have a consequence. There is talk that Al Qaeda operatives are turning themselves in. This entire operation had two potential outcomes... and both of them are possible at the same time. Osama's death could lead to a crumbling of the organization, or could potentially leave him as a martyr. One key Al Qaeda operative turned himself in Saudi Arabia just recently.

This elimination may have broader outcomes then anyone ever imagined. People are dead wrong when they say he wasn't in charge of Al Qaeda... I just wonder what they found in his compound. Apparently many hard-drives and a lot of juicy information. Now other terrorists are fearing that they'll be whacked.