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Is free Hosting Safe! ?

If you mean using one of the free hosting domains then I would definately say no because like you said if things go pear shaped you will be fubar.

If you own the domain then I would say yes but only if absolutely necesary... you could always point your domain to a different host if things go wrong... just to remember to keep a backup of your site

Personally I only use free hosts for link juice and indexing.. You can get a half decent host these days for pennies.


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There are hosters and hosters.. Some can be quite reliable even at their free plans. Some can burn you even if you pay them fortune for hosting.

Looks like absolute majority of free hosting "companies" are ephemeral, doing that for fun and/or without business plan/etc in mind. Free hosters, in general, vanish significantly more frequently.

Just browse FWS' free hosters directory at main page and get horrified at how many of them do not exist already.
Usually they free web hosting impose restrictions, either cost you in time, or change your free web pages layout by displaying banners, pop-ups, or other form of advertisement. Check the Privacy and policy before registering....

Thanks for sharing...


Usually they free web hosting impose restrictions, either cost you in time, or change your free web pages layout by displaying banners, pop-ups, or other form of advertisement. Check the Privacy and policy before registering....

Thanks for sharing...
Though free hosting is limited but it's better for the new users who just started.
Never go for free hosting, free service can expire at any time, and you cannot do anything.Using free hosting could be good for new starters who want to build their own website for fun or learning. But you cannot expect to have the best services here. Disk space will be limited by providers. If designing website needs to have a large size to store database, it is an irreparable disadvantage.Bandwidth will be limited from 0.5- 1.5 GB and it doesn’t guarantee. It may also impact to download database when there are many customers access


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Apparently I’m not really sure that Free hosting is safe maybe it depends on how you secure your data’s and for the free hosting that you use, but basically you should be aware and review for what’s the pron’s and con’s under the terms and conditions or policy before using it, added to that if it contains a confidential matter why don’t you use the paid web host to be more secured? Free hosting is good for personal use not with essential matters that is client based project.

Hope you get my point. Thanks.


Free hosting is not reliable. Your data is not safe and your website may suffer a lot of server issues.
Only for your personal use/hobbies. What you get from Free Host Providers are unstable connections, slow load pages.. If you are looking free host for your business, I don't recommend it.

Sky Host

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Free hosting is safe and secure in all senses. The only issue with free hosting is that it shows ads of your host on your site. If you are running a personal blog, a family site, or a personal website then you may happily subscribe for free hosting plan as it will cost nothing to you. You may upgrade your hosting plan anytime.


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Free hosting is safe. If technic team doesnt have enough experience can have unfixed leaks with which help can somebody hack their hosting. But this problem is possible on paid hosting too. But remember 100% safe system dont exist. On free or on paid hosting hack of any system is possible but when have hosting company technic team enough experience is it harder...


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I think it's safe but it obviously depends a lot on the particular case and how smart you are in getting free hosting and through which method.

Paul Swanson

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Free & Secure, you say? Yes, that is doable. But it has to have a weak link in the chain, like the customer support, the security or loading speed.

joselin hernandez

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Free hosting is free & it can never be trusted. It can delete your data anytime without giving you prior notice. If you have low budget go for shared hosting or vps hosting.
As per my views, free hosting is not safe at all. We may find some problems in using free hosting that are described below:-

1. Free Hosted Blog can die at any time
2. You can’t sell your free hosted blog
3. There is no safety
4. There is no control on server resources for you
5. Don’t fall on Non-guaranteed promises of free domain

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Is free hosting safe, i have a number of website like forums and stuff i have hosted on free servers, what to stop the host from taking the database and selling it, any one know any safe hosts.
Free hosting has certain limitations like limited resources, support which even includes security of your work. So instead of free web hosting service go with affordable shared hosting service.