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Is free Hosting Safe! ?


Reasons for not choosing free web hosting:

Lots of Limitations
If you want free web hosting then you should know that with free web hosting, you will get lots of limitations with your website. You will not be allowed to access all the resources of the web hosting which is a very big limitation. You can access only a few themes, plugins, etc. They will provide you with limited resources such as RAM, Bandwidth, traffic etc and if you need additional resources, then you have to pay the hosting provider.

No Tech-Support
All the web hosting companies will provide you 24/7 technical customer support whereas the free web hosting websites will not provide you technical support. If in case something sticks you with technical issues, then you should resolve it on your own.

No redirection allowed
As you have hosted your website with free web hosting, you will not be provided with the control panel access. You are not allowed to redirect to a different domain and create redirects with the free web hosting websites.

Websites subdomain
You will not be free to choose your own domain and you have to use the websites subdomain. This will showcase the web hosting providers domain and you will not be able to create the brand

Lots of Ads
As you are taking their service at no costs, they are free to run ads on your website. You cannot earn with these ads and the web hosting provider will earn with these advertisements. This is another drawback of Free Web Hosting websites

No root access to Host
It will not provide you with the complete root access to keep the track on the free resources. This will make you use the resources and limit your creativity. With the free service, you will not be able to design your dream website.

Less Reliable and Secure
As you are using free web hosting services, your website is not reliable and secure. Many companies will be hosted on the same server where you have hosted. They can make the connection unsecure allowing threats in the network. This will result in the suspension of a network.


New Member
Credit card, PayPal, cash, check, Western Union...There are tons of options to pay for hosting. I'm so sick of people saying they can't pay because they don't have a credit card.
There's also POLI (Instant Bank Account Transfer) Better than credit card tbh cause you can't charge back it so reduces fraudulent transactions. I only offer Credit Card payments if there's no other option for the customer or they live in a country that POLI doesn't support.

Jenifer Wilson

New Member
Free Hosting is good at the initial state as there will be no investment But, the resources allocated will be restricted and Security Issues will be there as its a free service they might not assure about the security of the data, To get Good Services Go for the Paid Once
If you're serious about your website, then paid hosting is the best option. Free hosting usually comes with a lot of server limitation, they also offer limited support. So you should actually check a lot of things with them before you take the free plan.


In Free web hosting services, you will face lots of issues while using the service because free web hosting services will be less reliable and there will be security issues. so go with the paid hosting services that will make sure to keep all your data safe and it is very reliable.

bruno smith

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Free web hosting sites or companies are not safe because they do not provide proper security and lack of support. It is also considered as an inferior service due to a lot of disadvantages. Instead of going free you can choose good web hosting service providers, that provide the service with minimal cost.
Actually, the reality of free web hosting is different from whatever they are listed on the portal. There are lots of other facts in reality.

The real facts about free web hosting are:

  1. Hidden cost: They are offering so many facilities and services but when you purchase it then they will charge you as per your need.
  2. Lack of security: Once they sold their product they will not giving security to your date,the result is we can lose our data.
  3. Zero support: They will not give any customer support at right time with the right solution. Finally, you will get fade up with their services.