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Is free Hosting Safe! ?

free web hosting advantage

As for me, the main advantage of free web hosting is that you can keep your data without paying any fees and in most cases you are granted with quite sufficient space for it. Also there may be quite enough bandwidth allotted for you and you can also make use of ready made templates for your website.
Credit card, PayPal, cash, check, Western Union...There are tons of options to pay for hosting. I'm so sick of people saying they can't pay because they don't have a credit card.

Cross them out. If you have a card or paypal, you can easily get paid hosting. My post does not cater to that people. They can easily pay for shared, or VPS.
Cash? How? Without going to the mail, sending a money order and having to pay a fee(which adds to the total amount)? NO.
Check: It requires a bank account, and if you have one, you can make a CC, which sets you back to square 1,so no again. Squished.
WU: Too much paperwork for some hosting, which could be got for free... Paid hosting creates trouble, more than free hosting.
Look for the hosting that has both packages (paid and free),
those hosting are financially stable, cause we all know that a host needs money to provide free hosting.
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any data you want kept safe should be encrypted, free hosts, big premium web hosts are all insecure anyway, even if it is down to one system admin who's a pirate and steals all of your data your still not safe unless it's encrypted. Look at Car Insurance companies, go signup with a new email address and register for a quotation, within 5 minutes they've already spammed your email address and you'll start receiving tons of junk mail. It's all money and profit to these people.
I couldn't imaging any webhost, free or paid that would steal your DB contents and sell it, that would be very illegal and unscrupulous!
It all depends upon the host (whether its free or paid doesn't matter) - if they want to sell your info - most shady ones may sell it..
Your best bet is to take regular backups of your websites.
Even non-free web hosting services have been known to go bust or have their servers crash and lose all user data :wink2:
Free hosting is for those who can really take a lot of risk and not for those who wanted a secured website that can last for a long time.

Then again, it can be a good stepping stone to invest on a fully operational site later on.
99% of free hosts are pretty safe - of course there are some crap heads who would violate these.
I've been in the free web hosting industry for a considerable time, I personally would never host anything of value on a free web host. If it is a personal website, and you don't mind losing it, then I would consider hosting my site on a free host. Though, of course I'd make lots and lots of backups, especially so on a free host. - However, that rule is definitely not exclusive to just free web hosts; but to all!
freehosts attract more abusers and consequently get attacked more so if you have any sensitive info on your hosting account then its worth using a premium service if its affordable.
In my opinion, you can't always count on a free web hosting platform. It is difficult to say whether they will provide with prompt solutions when you need them. Web hosting platform is a prominent investment for your website and your website deserves the best.
Is free hosting safe, i have a number of website like forums and stuff i have hosted on free servers, what to stop the host from taking the database and selling it, any one know any safe hosts.

Free hosting may be ideal for those who only want to test their site. And When your website is generally going to be watched by your family or friends then you won’t really mind how substandard it looks. Free web hosting will not offer you a professional looking website and also you will not get best support services from your Hosting provider in free Hosting. Moreover, you don’t have any uptime or data protection guarantee in Free hosting. So, if it is matter of hosting any business website, Premium(paid) Hosting is the best option instead of Free Hosting.
This post is very old, but I do want to throw this idea out.

The question being asked here isn't "Is free webhosting safe?" it is "How can I find a trustworthy free webhosting provider?" This isn't much different than looking for a legitimate paid webhosting provider. You will search for reviews via your favorite search engine, ask in your favorite forum community for recommendations based on current/past experience, and use your own judgement. If your project is very valuable, you should use a paid webhosting provider with 24/7 support and security staff, multiple layers of backups, and a clear business model based on providing reliable service.

That isn't to say: "If you aren't paying for the product, you are the product." (See here for more on that.) Your choice of webhosting provider should reflect what you are trying to do. If you are setting up a website for a gaming clan, small community forum, blog, or something like that, you are a perfect candidate for a free webhosting provider. If you are involved with e-commerce or business, you should look into paid webhosting suitable for your project. There are shades of grey here, but you know what your project is.