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Best Ad Revenue Programs - Look Here First!

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by Dini, May 6, 2006.

  1. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    Somebody should really edit the first post with all these new additions later in the thread.
  2. ChitikaChick

    ChitikaChick New Member

  3. Reider

    Reider New Member

    Does anyone know when the beta testing for Yahoo Publisher Network will be complete? I think they only allow publishers from the USA and I am not from the USA, but would like to try it out.
  4. BooM

    BooM New Member


    This is really great if you read the blog entries on optimisation.. i made $11.40 from them in about 2 weeks from 5 transactions my highest 2 being $3.69 and $6+

    Highly customisable for your site and they monetise well if you get it right.

    I'm currently using them on my website, incoming sound, based around dance music and as far as placement goes just at the end of a post seems to be the best clicked. I rotate a few niche words and it works perfect!
  5. Mygod

    Mygod New Member

    do u get from bidvertiser 10 a month or what dont get it actually noone clicks at my ads
  6. hamzanajam

    hamzanajam New Member

    what is cpc and cpm? and what is differnce between cpc and cpm , give a best website to generate revenue, but make sure they r not fraud
  7. nana_sandra

    nana_sandra New Member

    Thank you for this info


  8. d3ad

    d3ad New Member

    do you mind explain what do you mean by minimum payment?
    for eg google ad minimum payment is 100$ so if our price is lower then
    100 we wont get paid?
  9. technohive

    technohive New Member

    Bidvertiser is great because you could choose from what ads are you going to show and also it pays in paypal as well when you have reach 10$ so it is indeed accessible.
  10. hayek

    hayek New Member

    Thank you for these informations.It looks like I'm going to use bidvertiser,thx again
  11. john874

    john874 New Member

    There are many good cpm and cpc programs. The best I would say is Adsense followed by YPN.

    Can't fault them 2 that much apart from Adsense beats YPN with flying colors until they do a lot more improvements.
  12. nadish

    nadish New Member

    Can ne1 tell me which service is better for Pakistan????
  13. Triggersworld

    Triggersworld New Member

    Wow. Thank you guys so much, i will try these later. ive been banned from google adsense for No reason, i disagree how other people can get you banned from clicking the links to many times!!.
  14. Triggersworld

    Triggersworld New Member

    when i was with google they banned me just as i was about to payout at $97

    ... i couldnt get the money,, And they send automated emails..
  15. antivirus007

    antivirus007 New Member

    Thanks for the help
    I am in china
    can I do it?
  16. rohail

    rohail New Member

    what about tribal fusion?
  17. andyf

    andyf Member

    You should have inform Google regarding fraud clicks and this would have protected your account getting banned.
  18. TSO

    TSO freezoka.ws NLC

    NetAudioAds is a new one.
  19. Danaldinho

    Danaldinho New Member

    Thanks :)

    Great post

    Very helpful
  20. Hamed

    Hamed Active Member

    How much do they pay min??
    For eg : BidADS : 10$

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