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Best Ad Revenue Programs - Look Here First!

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by Dini, May 6, 2006.

  1. Dini

    Dini Blitzkrieg Bopin' NLC

    Here are the best ad revenue programs on the net, so you won't have to ask every time:

    *No SCAM programs are listed here.

    AdSense: http://www.google.com/adsense

    High CPM and CPC
    Contextual Ads
    $100 Minimum Payment
    Check and Bank Wire
    *Approval needed, very strict TOS


    Clicksor: http://www.clicksor.com

    Low CPM and CPC
    Contextual Ads (poor)
    $20 Minimum Payment ($50 for check)
    PayPal and Check
    *Approval needed, traffic must be at least 50% from US, Canada and the UK


    Chitika: http://www.chitika.com

    No CPM or CPC knowledge
    Contextual Ads
    $50 Minimum Payment
    PayPal and Check
    *Approval needed


    Bidvertiser: http://www.bidvertiser.com

    No CPM or CPC knowledge
    $10 Minimum Payment ($50 for check)
    PayPal and Check
    *Approval needed, very strict TOS


    AdEngage: http://www.adengage.com

    Sell ads on your site
    You get 75% of the ad revenue (Unknown minimum payment)
    PayPal and Check


    Yahoo Publisher Network: http://publisher.yahoo.com

    Contextual Ads
    Standart CPC and CPM
    Unknown Payment Methods
    *Beta Program
    Last edited: May 6, 2006
  2. kofoid

    kofoid New Member

    Bidvertiser is great!! Except it kinda loads slowly
  3. nice_dude

    nice_dude New Member

    iv used all apart from Chitika (dint like some reviews on it) and Yahoo (im in the UK), Google has dont the best for me followed by Clicksor.
  4. Fahad_1

    Fahad_1 New Member

    Thanks for the help.

    But, to speak the truth, there is no other competitor on the net for adsense. They hav got targeted ads. bidvertiser is good if your visitors are from US, UK and Canda.

    Clicksor also demands visitors from those 3 countries.

    I am currently using Bidvertiser on my site - www.jyper.com/gaming. Its working fine.
  5. EnacheVladian

    EnacheVladian New Member

    what do you think about adbrite ? i had some poor experiences with them and their way of providing stats for your site : for example on thepage that should have been my presentation page was written at some point : 200 uniques visitors, 20 page views per day ...
  6. Keagle

    Keagle NLC NLC

    Are there any other programs out there, that are commonly used?
  7. echang

    echang New Member

    You guys only posted programs that pay on a CPC basis, and did not list the CPM programs :). These are a few programs that I have used, and can safely say are legitimate.

    Tribal Fusion - www.tribalfusion.com
    High CPM Rates
    $50 Minimum Payout

    ValueClick Media (formerly FastClick) - www.valueclickmedia.com
    Good CPM Rates
    $50 Minimum Payout

    CPX Interactive (formerly Buds Inc) - www.cpxinteractive.com
    Good CPM Filler
  8. anubishides

    anubishides New Member

    I say you are very correct when you say BidVertiser has very strict TOS... I earned 450 bucks in 3 days, then account terminated for no apparant reason. This seems to be happening to many people.
  9. aeromit

    aeromit New Member

    Google Adsense seems to be the most reliable CPC program for publishers. I'm not a big fan but it is true. Hope Yahoo is going to try to beat them!
  10. Thanks, Now I Can Earn Some More $$ :lol:
  11. JustinNoel

    JustinNoel Active Member

    how about for infinite-ads?
    we need information about this.

    thank you.
  12. designcodes

    designcodes New Member


    Adbrite: http://www.adbrite.com

    No CPM or CPC knowledge
    $20 Minimum Payment
    PayPal and Check


    paypopup: http://www.paypopup.com

    $1.8 CPM popunders
    $100 Minimum Payment
    PayPal and Check


    Adversal: http://www.adversal.com

    CPM popunder
    $20 Minimum Payment
    PayPal and Check


    Banner Connect: http://www.bannerconnect.net

    CPM bases
    PayPal and Check Bank Transfer


    Adtegrity: http://www.adtegrity.com

    30% to 60%
    net-60 payment
    PayPal and Check

  13. shan666

    shan666 b&

    Whether Google adsense is good

    I have displayed ads in my website
    Since my website has low number of visitors ,Google displays ads for which advertiser does not pay too much.why?
  14. tychicus

    tychicus New Member

    how about oxado?
  15. melvyn

    melvyn New Member

    Is this in order of rank?
  16. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    No, just a listing. What works for one, may not work for another :)
  17. anngi

    anngi New Member

    Knoodle Bright Ads

    you are missing Knoodle Bright ads
  18. webguru72

    webguru72 New Member

    I used Adsense from google, After three months, they suspended my account for illegal clicks, no idea why and they would not explain it.... I am not the first to have gone through this.
  19. cdweb

    cdweb New Member

    Oxado is really great , I would call it the european adsense:angel:
  20. Angelo921

    Angelo921 New Member

    Adster seems pretty good. I just started using them on my website. Anyone have any experience with them?


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