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  1. SlAiD

    Free Adult Host request

    What host will get in return? Nothing, right? -_- SL
  2. SlAiD

    Free Hosting for Gaming Site

    Why do you need 1GB? What are you hosting? SL
  3. SlAiD

    Small VPS

    "small" with 800mhz? you don't know what you're talking about. Anywai I can host your sites one by one with 5GB space / 100GB bw. NOT a VPS with root access for free to someone that I dont know. If you want it, adds are in the header, the biggest ones. If not, great sucess for your search. SL
  4. SlAiD

    Habbo Retro

    Wtf is haboo? LOL. SL
  5. SlAiD

    Habbo Retro

    Shell with bg on Windows? Right... SL
  6. SlAiD

    Vetrox [Unmanaged Vps Hosting] [Dedicated Server Hosting] [Reseller Hosting]

    Hello. A few questions: - Do you allow torrent websites on the VPS? - Are you using Virtuozzo on the VPS? - If yes, do you use the new tecnology SLM to guarantee resources or are you using the old UBC system? Thanks in advance, SL
  7. SlAiD

    Atomise.net NEED a host ! (more stable one)

    Jerome, if you want GOOD hosting, you need to put adds, not text links. Many text links providers just disappear after a while. If you want, I can give you hosting with adds on the header, and, trust me, you will never need to find another host in your live. If not, well... sucess for your...
  8. SlAiD

    need reliable and BIG host(about 500MB-20GB)

    Why you need such package? A simple account can do the job... SL
  9. SlAiD

    need reliable and BIG host(about 500MB-20GB)

    What are your website about? No one will give you 40GB of disk space hosting. You dont have downloads like movies/scripts/warez/whatever... right? SL
  10. SlAiD

    looking for a free proxy host

    Hosted with me. /end A nice day to you folks. ;) SL
  11. SlAiD

    looking for a free proxy host

    Dont be rude man. I'm just making my point of view. SL PS: Signature changed, thank you.
  12. SlAiD

    looking for a free proxy host

    Maybe your server isnt good. I host two proxys with 500 visits per day each and they dont increase the load. :P SL
  13. SlAiD

    looking for a free proxy host

    I can host you along it will not increase the load of our server very much. MSN ruicruz at forunsbb dot com SL
  14. SlAiD

    Proxy list host (not a proxy host)

    Do you have allready an website? If yes, contact me on MSN (ruicruz at forunsbb dot com) and I can host you. If not, well... -_- SL
  15. SlAiD

    Reseller account pls /I will put your ads, high traffic, ~$1,5/day

    If the content is legal, I can host you. My MSN is ruicruz @ forunsbb . com I dont want links on any forums because I shutdown my website and I want to contact each and everyone by myself with personalized plans. But I need a $2 incoming per day. If with your sites I cannot get that, you need...