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    Cheap Hosting ($$$ Cheap)

    I see your trying to go for Unlimited hosting ... hmm sorry man .. no such thing :confused2 Check this out --> http://www.unlimband.com/ I would avoid the Unlimited providers ... they usually end up offering bad service in some way or another. HostOnce I know has screwed over a lot of my...
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    Has anybody registered with godaddy?

    I got 2 domains with GoDaddy, it's a great service reasonable prices. Even though there are some less expensive places to register your domain now, but GoDaddy is a good place.
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    looking for Free FTP

    SmartFTP SmartFTP all the way ... that is a great free FTP client. Handles everything CuteFTP Pro does and best of all it's free. http://www.smartftp.com I have not had a problem with it unles like CuteFTP, CuteFTP Pro, and FlashFXP. Now If you want to pay for one I recommend FlashFXP...
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    Nuke.to is closed!!! I thought it was just moving server, but I was wrong!!

    I visit Nuke.to and I get a Plesk Plackholder ... maybe their not down just yet ... just really lazy :p Well I hope those people that we dumped by nuke.to find bettr places to host .. I would for sure hate for that to happen to me or any of my clients :(
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    We're ZANY I tell ya!

    We are running a great deal that you can not just pass up. From now Monday(12-10-01) till Friday(12-14-01) We are giving all of our plans at the yearly discount. So no need to pay annually to get that discount. You can get it right now!!! Lite Plan - 2.75 a Month #P0125481 Basic Plan -...
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    Birthday Special =0)

    hehe, thanks guys :D
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    cheapest .nu

    I was all happy when I went to their site and saw it was $8.88 then it said "coming soon" and I was bummed out ... so I bought a .com instead :(
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    Birthday Special =0)

    Hey everyone, As a special Birthday offer (it's my birthday and I am in a pretty good mood) ... ZanyHosting wants to offer to the next 12 clients that sign up a free month with any quarterly, biannually, or annually sign up. We have 4 plans that you can pick form or you can order a...
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    Kg Domain

    anyone else notice that ...... 1998 ?!?!?!?!?
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    Kg Domain

    gyrbo: is right ... just sign up with mydomian.com if you dont have a host to use your .xxx.kg domain with.
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    Kg Domain

    It's easy to register a xxx.kg domain ... just go to nic.kg or domain.kg and regsiter for a personal ID and then register a domain .... simple as slicing a peice of pie ;)
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    Free PHP board?

    I would have to say phpbb2, openbb, xmb. If I were to pick one it would have to be XMB, it has way more features and it looks to be stable enough. But if you were to pick a very stable forum with a good dev. team I would go with phpBB. But XMB and phpBB are my 2 very fav. php boards and...
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    Selling this domain ...

    A buddy of mine is selling his domain and I am doing him a favor by posting about it ... The domain for sale is DHCNEWORK.ORG go to http://www.dhcnetwork.org for the contact info so you can contact him directly. Thanks everyone!
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    Is this a Scam??

    Be careful ... Check out http://www.unlimband.com/ They might be able to offer such high bandwdith and such low prices cause they might be on a rackshack server... but agin be careful
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    The cheapest .ws?

    Anto: not a problem I am buying a few domains @ NameCheap myself ... let me know how it goes please ... email me or something.