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  1. keith

    Need cheap very very high bandwidth host

    Well that's simply amazing. And how could anyone be content with their new host after less than a day's worth of testing the waters?
  2. keith

    php if statement help

    Wow. You know absolutely nothing about PHP syntax, do you?
  3. keith

    Creation Of Blogs on Vbulletin 3.0.8

    http://www.vbulletin.org If the hack you're looking for isn't there, then it either doesn't exist or isn't worth installing.
  4. keith

    Url Services!

    Do you want a site that offers such a service, or do you want to start your own?
  5. keith

    Forum for My Website

  6. keith

    Upload Script

    sent you a message.
  7. keith

    PHP string replace with wildcards

    it does that.
  8. keith

    PHP string replace with wildcards

    <?php function unhtmlentities($string) { $trans_tbl = get_html_translation_table(HTML_ENTITIES); $trans_tbl = array_flip($trans_tbl); return strtr($string, $trans_tbl); } ?> use this like so:<?php $string = '&lt;a href=&quot;whatever&quot;&gt;link title&lt;/a&gt;'; // output...
  9. keith

    Illegal IPB 2.0.X?

    kind of like this guy's site? http://www.albumfive.com/forums/index.php?ipscheck=1
  10. keith

    Bush distantly related to Kerry

    We're all related through adam and eve.
  11. keith

    1Gmail inv

    webdud? ;)
  12. keith

    Forum based on PHP NO MySql

  13. keith

    nph-proxy.cgi help

    You or your host needs to purchase a SSL certificate.
  14. keith

    Bush: I want to be the peace President

    who's forcing you to stay? i hate it when people talk about how shitty america is, and then................ do nothing. like all those celebrities who said they'd take off if Bush was elected, but did they act on it? oops! not to my knowledge. i was a huge johnny depp fan till he...
  15. keith

    doonesbury dropped from the sunday comics

    dancing bananas are serious?? ...doh, looks like jmiller retracted.