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    Web developer stigma

    It happens because of bad business practices on the part of website designers. When the web design industry exploded, everyone and their momma wanted to be a web designer. Instead of focusing on how to be different from everyone else based on quality, skills, education, etc. all web designers...
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    Wallpaper site

    Its okay TimeLord, we understanding that when you travel in the TARDIS issues of time and date must get a little bit confusing. With that said, www.interfacelift.com is also a great wallpaper site.
  3. Conscript

    Relationship advice, gentlemen

    Eh... I do most of these already...
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    iPhone 3GS

    I got the 3GS on launch day (had it delivered to me) and I am happy with my purchase. I was disappointed with the battery life (draining to about 10% each day with just moderate use). After turning off Push e-mail, though, and setting it to check just once an hour, I now can go a whole day and...
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    Ugly Designer Laptops

    I have bought from CyberPowerSystem before, which looks pretty similar. The deal was good, but the support was lacking. Also, it would be harder to find replacement parts should anything break like the keyboard or screen (and no, it is not cheaper to buy a new one if you are spending $1k on a...
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    Ugly Designer Laptops

    Nothing beats a Mac in terms of design quality. Yeah, they are expensive for what you get inside, but they perform good enough. Mac OS is superior, IMO, for everyday tasks most users need, and you can always run Windows if that's your bag too. No silly stickers, crazy patterns, wacky colors or...
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    dell adamo

    And people say Apple is overpriced! I guess when PCs become stylish just like Apple computers, their prices go up accordingly (if not higher).
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    Piratebay sentenced to 1 year in prison

    Even if they themselves don't participate in criminal activity their website certainly enables others to commit crimes. It's not exactly a case of "well should stores be prosecuted for selling bullets" kind of thing either because they knowingly index copyrighted material on their site and...
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    24 was good in seasons 1, 2, 3, and even 4. 5 was okay but going down, 6 was crap, but this (7) is the BEST SEASON YET!!!
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    I baught a cheap laptop - cannot find a support website

    There are programs that let you extract the CD KEY of the OS and any installed software. Use that, get some original discs from friends, and reinstall using your licenses. Should be the best way.
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    Need a favor from someone with a Word Tracker account

    My free trial expired and I am not in a position to buy the full thing at the moment. But I would like to know how many searches occur daily/monthly for the keyword "prevent spyware". If someone could run that through word tracker I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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    more craigslist Ad sexyness

    $10 daily stipend to bust your balls 30 hours a week (minimum 4 days it seems) for obviously very picky people? No thanks. $10 won't even buy you lunch in Manhattan. I wonder if it would even pay for the commute to and from there. I think one of my biggest pet peeves are employers (and business...
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    Free Hosting in 2009

    So how are they making money or even staying alive?
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    Adware and Spyware Issues

    Actually Spyware Blaster does not run in the background. It just does some magic tricks to your configuration and registry in order to block software, at least that is my understanding.
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    Wow, this is amazing

    Not quite. I think iPower is offering their standard "one size fits all package" for $47 per year right now if I am not mistaken. And unlike many "web hosts" that lurk around the internet, they are a real company with real people answering their phones, and over the last several years (since...