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  1. Chicken

    2.3.0 VB is out

    That I do... :D 2.3.0 is basically the same as 2.2.9 correct? I have used the newer version and don't particularly care for it, but I think it was the new new new version (3.something I suppose, didn't pay much attention).
  2. Chicken

    TV Card

    That's rather odd... I was just looking at this one as well! Just coincidental, as I know absolutely nothign about them, and have really no idea which to buy. Someone said they got it so I was checking it out. Hmmm... second recommendation, I suppose this is the one I'll get unless anyone has...
  3. Chicken

    2.3.0 VB is out

    Then what to do after that? :( Unless it can be *ahem* uninstalled and *ahem* retrialed? I'm just not sure one trial will be enough, and coincidently, I might need the next trial when the next version of vB comes out ;) :D I was hoping to pay in the neighborhood of $30, if you know of...
  4. Chicken

    2.3.0 VB is out

    $124.00 for a license for that? Hmmm... http://www.araxis.com/merge/purchasing.html#prices
  5. Chicken


    I doubt you're stupid, my post must have just been incoherent. We'll stick to yes/no... No. Yes. :D
  6. Chicken

    Need Reseller Account

    Yugos were cheap cars. All about your expectations I suppose.
  7. Chicken

    share a dedicated server?

    I don't think the RaQs are so bad (personally), easy to use and manage at least. I suppose others are somewhat easy to use as well, but I liked my RaQ4r (at tera-byte as a matter of fact), just fine for the most part.
  8. Chicken

    Can anyone offer me hosting and domain for this?

    I may be wrong, but I'm guessing he/she wants to use the amount in their PayPal account ('get rid of it' so to speak).
  9. Chicken

    2.3.0 VB is out

    I was thinking of upgrading as well, however I'd have to be a bit careful due to some forum hacks and mods. I suppose I should get one of those 'compare the files' programs. Anyone use anything wonderful that they can recommend?
  10. Chicken


    I needed a break form forums for a bit, to take care of some things (such as moving, etc.) and my schedule has increased as a result of the new house, the nugget getting older, and HHO, but I'd like to get back and help out around here in the forums I usually frequent, as I've recently freed up...
  11. Chicken

    what is this font?

    Question has already been answered, but for next time: http://myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/
  12. Chicken


    Maybe the site was down for a bit when you checked but I can reach the site (now at least).
  13. Chicken

    Here I go.... Help needed with picking host

    You are correct. More expensive doesn't necessaily mean more reliable. I'll let members with experience make suggestions (as I don't use a shared host).
  14. Chicken


    Domain squatting is not registering a domain that someone else was thinking about getting. It very likely also isn't registering a similar name to one you happen to own and selling it. The shopping portal sites are often the work of the registrar or the person who owns the domain (more of a...
  15. Chicken

    need US 10$ a year web hosting

    Continued here: http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=39089