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    Request: parking a static site.

    Hi! I bought gpu.graphics about a week ago, and I'm trying to sell it. I'm looking for a place to host just a pretty placeholder page (you might be able to see it by visiting the site). The page is pure HTML, CSS, and JS. My requirements: Fast server. Fast! Preferably in the U.S. 1MB space...
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    free hosting needed. 1G/5G PHP

    What is your business about/selling? It is a physical storefront or online? :)
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    Free hosting request: cPanel, mySQL, PHP, Fantastico, phpMyAdmin, FTP, .htaccess, Oth

    My question is - if you're a web designer, why do you need Fantastico? I'd assume any web designer is skilled enough to install software themselves...
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    Which Server I should Prefer for Cloud Hosting ??

    Yep. You also have to look at the specs, quality, reliability, and value of the hosts. For cloud hosting in the US, I'd recommend DigitalOcean or Ubiquity Servers :)
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    Deploy. Simple. Fast. Reliable.

    Sorry, it can't be used with mobile right now, since it involves dragging and dropping (and I don't think you'd want to upload something on your phone anyway). Maybe try it out on a desktop/laptop later? :)
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    Deploy. Simple. Fast. Reliable.

    It's time for free web hosting to evolve. We're all tired of sorting through host after host, trying to find the one we can trust to actually host our website. Each host advertises features, but most bloat their servers with these features, slowing them down. In the years of my search for the...
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    Where are the good guys?

    Oh, that's probably why I didn't get a reply... I thought you were ignoring me :P Launching now, everyone. I'll update this post when I finish composing the thread :) Update: the launch
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    Where are the good guys?

    Cool. I'll release it probably in a couple of hours as I put together last-minute changes and make sure everything works. Since we're launching that soon and you're not online, I won't be sending you a PM (actually, I think I sent you one earlier this week regarding the service). :)
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    Where are the good guys?

    I agree with WSWD. At first, there were a lot of what you would call "great" free hosting services. But then they got abused and so their services ended. Now what's left is only hosting providers wary of the consequences of offering free hosting that's "too good". The demands for free hosting...
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    Free VPS: virtualvm.com

    First off: you'd better hurry, because stock is selling out. Virtualvm is giving out Free VPS's (not a trial) at virtualvm.com. Here are the specs: Mem: 64/128MB (guaranteed/burstable) Monthly Bandwidth: 100GB Disk: 2GB CPU Speed: ~100Mhz Network Speed: 10Mbps (per VPS) Website...
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    ServerHub - Free Shared Hosting - In Business 12+ Years

    Looks great! (I love the 100% uptime guarantee and the speed). Might try it out :)
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    Free webhosting in the UK, very fast

    I'm seeing a Kloxo Disable Page...
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    Free webhosting in NL, great speed with Lighttpd and Kloxo control panel

    Yeah, those are rare, especially for a highly demanded TLD like co.uk. There are actually quite a few now with .pw just out (got mine already) :)