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    Just decided to take a look at FWS.net tonight and immediately saw this thread in the forum here... :wave: <--- Oct 2000 club :)
  2. Agum

    Multiple versions of Firefox on your PC

    Hey, I know you guys are a pretty active web development community, so I figure somebody might know the answer to this. How do you install/use multiple versions of Firefox on Windows? Preferably, I'd even want to run, say FF1.0, FF1.5 and FF2.0 side by side. If side by side is not possible, at...
  3. Agum

    JS: Prototype.js- Event.stop doesnt work with IE

    Sorry, please close thread, problem solved. It was a syntax bug. Not sure why it worked in Firefox. :P
  4. Agum

    JS: Prototype.js- Event.stop doesnt work with IE

    Update: I just found out that above piece of code works, what doesn't work is what follows in the "other stuff" part, which I have this: var loginAjax = new Ajax.Request('/foobar/url', { method: 'post', parameters: {user: $('username').value}, onSuccess: function(transport) {...
  5. Agum

    JS: Prototype.js- Event.stop doesnt work with IE

    Hi all, I have a quick question/problem. So I have a login form. Here's my JS: Event.observe(window, 'load', init, false); function init() { Event.observe('loginForm', 'submit', loginAction); } function loginAction(event) { Event.stop(event); // do other stuff } This...
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    5 Year Anniversary

    I still visit some of the subforums in Paid Hosting, Web Services and Programming, sometimes to ask a question and sometimes to reply to people. Just saw this thread when I was browsing randomly in General.
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    5 Year Anniversary

    <-- 7 years+ and only 350+ posts :angel: Oh, I too have been here before vBulletin; before the FWS.net-own-hosted message board, even. I've been posting since FWS.net was not on "freewebspace.net" and was using cgiforme.com message boards with the green background and all.
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    What are they worth ?

    I never heard of LeapFish. Interesting thing. How do they calculate values? I guess I got a $120k domain.
  9. Agum

    The big guys?

    Hmm, I've never really trusted godaddy before for some reasons, when they first came out I think their name was too funky, and I never heard good things about their hosting. However, coming upon this thread: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=310124 I've lost the last bit of trust...
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    The big guys?

    Hi guys, It's been a long time since I registered a domain. Back in my days (2000-ish), there was only NetworkSolutions (that just came out from being monopoly) and Joker, and some newer ones like godaddy just came out. I was wondering nowadays who is considered "the big guys" in domain...
  11. Agum

    PHP5/MySQL5 hosting

    VPS looks good, I think I'll definitely get something like that, but maybe not right now. Like I said, I'm starting from scratch, it's very possible for there to be very few ppl (under 100 users..) for the beginning, and if it doesn't grow, it's kind of wasted money there. So perhaps I should be...
  12. Agum

    PHP5/MySQL5 hosting

    Hi guys, I'm working on a highly interactive web app (AJAX and all). Development is being done on php5 and MySQL5 on my machine right now, so I'd like to have that. I'm looking for cheap hosting to start off with, anything below $20/mo will do. Because it's highly interactive, cpu usage...
  13. Agum

    RegEx help

    I need a RegEx pattern that checks for usernames. The username must consist of only alphanumeric characters or hyphen (-) or underscore (_). The thing is, hyphen or underscore must have an alphanumeric character before and after it. Test cases: Spiderman = ok Spider-man = ok Spider_man = ok...
  14. Agum

    PC won't post

    Just a suggestion, you may want to check the RAM because I've had several experiences where the computer won't POST (just black screen upon turning on, while fans and stuff run) due to bad RAM. And others have also mentioned other possibilities like motherboard, onboard video, etc.
  15. Agum

    Suggestion for USB wireless adapter

    I honestly don't know how thick the walls are, just by looking at them with my eyes I would think around 4-5 inches? Technically there is "open space" between the two rooms in the sense that we never close any doors in our house - don't know if that matters at all or do the waves just travel...