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Where to host my site

Discussion in 'Dedicated hosting discussions' started by MorganYole, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. MorganYole

    MorganYole New Member

    Need to host a site .. any advices
  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Going to have to give us a little more information than this. This is also the section to discuss dedicated server hosting. Do you need a dedicated server for your website?
  3. DAC

    DAC Member

    Hi MorganYole,

    Agreed, in order to give you any advice, we need to know a little more about what you need, what type of site you want to host, what your requirements are, what's your price range, etc. With just a bit more info, we will definitely be able to help you out
  4. Vast

    Vast New Member

    Depends on the content you have there. If that is forbidden on your host you need to do specific search and find provider which will offer you offshore service. If you check warez-host.com you will see that they offer their services ion various locations Netherlands, Bulgaria and a few more. So in this case that could be way to go.
    So everything depends on what you are going to host.
  5. Jessica Varun

    Jessica Varun New Member

    I would suggest to take cloudways which is a managed vps.Easy to manage
  6. try Godaddy, Hostgator , Bluehost or if you have coding knowledge try digitalocean
  7. Hostingsafety

    Hostingsafety New Member

    Let us know what type of website you have, try Hostingsafety for the most secured hosting solutions.
  8. Mia edwards

    Mia edwards New Member

    Can you please tell us the type of your website and the location where you want to host your business website?
  9. Lusovps!

    Lusovps! New Member

    In order to compete in the market, most web hosting companies are already offering affordable web site hosting plan. As a matter of fact, one can right away find quality affordable web site hosting plan or packages in the internet in just a matter of few minutes.
  10. UncensoredHosting

    UncensoredHosting New Member

    Provide us with a bit more information on what type of website are you planning on to host, and we will happily provide you with the information you need.
  11. Hiralige

    Hiralige New Member

    What are their server upgrade protocols? For example, are they able to update and upgrade their servers without downtime? If so, how? During what hours of the day/ night do they make those updates?
  12. Can you let me know what kind of website you have and do you have any idea about traffic on your website, so that we can suggest you the better hosting service.
  13. joshua87

    joshua87 Premium Premium Member

    Very important to consider geographic proximity to your primary users, as well.
  14. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    Although geographic proximity is something to think about, I would not consider it to be "very important." This isn't 1998.

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