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Vps Providers Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been watching this one :)

Don't just rely on the controls your given to create accounts or manage a server, use something 'other' than that :wink2:

All I'm saying - without money changing hands that is :D

Service in progress...
I've got two setup with hyper..and two without. :) ahhh..I've always thought about making me own control panel..well...we'll see.

>>I can't guarantee that "without money changing hands" thing, though. I just caught that..no..I've been a non-profit way too long.

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alrighty. About show time. Template made on server 1-VPS2 with Cpanel.

Cpanel installing on Server2-VPS2. We will see shortly....

Done. It works! There are a few caveats.
I only had a partial test today..thanks to a error (human)..but certainly there seems to be nothing that should prevent B>A transfer.

Only A>B was done today.

1. I'm working on a problem from within networking. The system always changes the subnet mask to a invalid one..and networking does not work on reboot.

2. Commands:



/etc/init.d/cpanel restart

I'm not sure the last two were totally necessary..but felt they were a good move anywho.

The template was 850MB, btw.

>>I tired. More tomoorroe.

>>>>Alright. Test #2 Server B>A is underway. I was also able to confirm normal templates created with hypervm do indeed work on vps servers without hypervm.

I can't test cpanel with that..due to the limit of cpanel licenses...yet.

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Stage two complete. Cpanel setup on server 2 and moved to server 1..no problems.

There is something I left out for the new people doing this..make sure you change out the ips in etc/resolv.conf to reflect the needed local nameservers as well as:

service named stop
service named start

then run the other commands above^^^
and you are good to go.

I may or may not do the 64bit stuff...depending on response, I guess.

I guess the next thing to do is to bother the fantastico folks for a trial license as well. :)

You'll always have changes to make after an image restore, whether from a database system or as a postscript (the usual and best option).

One hint - I've found storing images and distributing (using the methods I use) are better from a windows server, don't ask.

But using this I can restore a group of 50 servers, or desktops/laptops, (more wouldn't be an issue) with a 2.5G image in 4 minutes 36 seconds on a 100Mb LAN (so if you have a rack and a PVC for it that's how quick it goes from fresh), then the postscripts take about 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on hardware including the reboot. (example given was for an HMRC job)
Thanks. I'd like to know where it gets that non-working submask:


ip_address real.ip.add.ress

Most of the time.. is correct.

I have much to learn about linux networking, I do.

>>Windows is no problem. Almost all my servers are multi-boot now. ;)

Ok..so maybe I did get a tad carried away with Betsy:

2008 Enterprise Trial
2003 Standard 64bit Licensed
2003 Ent 64bit trial normal setup
2003 Ent 64bit trial Virtual Server 2005(8)?
Centos 4.6 64bit
Centos 5.2 64bit
Solaris 10

Ah! Options!

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I'd leave Solaris out for special occassions only!

Most of the time.. is correct.
you do sometimes need the correct subnet :wink2: where the PS comes in ...

I quite like Solaris. I had everything else..so I figured..hey..why not?

I started with just OpenSolaris..then got Solaris 10 for free as well. I started out with it just on Vmware..since 2005(8?) fibbed about solaris support.

I then decided to add it to Betsy..just to see if there was truly a limit of how many you could have in the mix. There is no limit.

The only two virtualization solutions I have yet to add are Xen and VirtualIron..I believe. I am quite pleased with Hyper-V as well.

>>Now that gogrid has a API..I'm sure I'll have to take a look at that as well.

>>>Oh, Sun has something as well. I must have it. ;)

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