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Vps Providers Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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How do you guys install cpanel VPS so fast, Do you setup a template of sorts or what?

Reading the install guide seems "ok" but if you had to do that everytime I think you would shoot something :wave:

Templates? I wish. No. I would bet they put Cpanel on a vps ahead of time...and have them ready to go.

They are pre-installed most of the time, for most VPS providors.
Then you either get the license fast from a providor, or you already have it set on the account.
I used to use a custom made OS Template that had cPanel and Fantastico already installed and ready to go, all that it needed was a license. However, when you use OS Templates, they often become quite outdated and it takes longer to run cPanel update than it does to do a fresh install everytime.

If your VPS node is pretty fast, then you should be able to install cPanel and everything in a reasonable amount of time.
Sigh. How many times have you set up Cpanel, Dynash?

Uh-huh. Right.

Well..it may be doable..but it is far from an easy task..and I'll you why.

Almost every single service binds itself to that static main ip address.

Two people said these templates exist..which I doubt.

Tell us..by all means...how these templates are created? It was darn near impossible to do over a year ago..by all means..I want to hear if anything has changed.

>>No..wait..even better! Where do we get these templates?

>>>>What a joke. I just did four google searches..and came up with nothing at all.

No! Let me guess! It's MAGIC!

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What do you mean? You can install, and setup the cPanel license ahead of time, before you sell it to the client.

Quote: "They are pre-installed most of the time, for most VPS providors."

Translated: The host has to manually setup Cpanel on the vps every single time. Some do this ahead of time...to have the VPS ready to go for client signups.

Cpanel does not come preinstalled on anything..ever.

You echoed what I said..but added a bit of confusion factor to it..that's the only thing I wanted to point out.

>>>Oh. There is a bright side, though. I have had five putty sessions open at once when I had dialup. I don't think there is a limit. Multitask, young Jedi!

Please...please..do not make things more complicated than they already are.


>>>Ohhhh. This reminds me of a related "issue". Thank you..all you wanna-be hosts for abusing the trial cpanel license system so badly they finally did away with it altogether.

Thank you...NOT!

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>>>Ohhhh. This reminds me of a related "issue". Thank you..all you wanna-be hosts for abusing the trial cpanel license system so badly they finally did away with it altogether.

They've also stopped one time licenses, maybe just because it's easier to stop both? regardless of people using trial licenses.

These templates do not exist premade. You must make them yourself.

You can setup a VPS using a base CentOS or whatever OS and then install all of the dependencies for cPanel and then run the cPanel installer. Upon completing the cPanel installation you can then create your own OS template from it if you use HyperVM.

They do not exist unless you make them
I hate to tell you...but that don't fly. All those sub-apps bind themselves to that one IP..and you can't just make a vps from that template with another IP address and expect it to work. It won't. Been there done that.

By all means..if something has changed..please do share. I'm telling you I threw a considerable amount of time at this..and came up with nothing.

>>Oh. wait. one-time licenses do not = trial licenses. My bad. Ok..well..maybe I can get a trial license to play around with today after all.

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Bryon, have you actually tried to do what you said is not possible ? Give it a try, you'll be surprised. Templates do work and that is how most of the VPS providers who setup almost instantly go about their business.

If it doesn't work for you, then your obviously doing something wrong somewhere.
Underway. Trial license received. I was speaking from experience..as I had tried it multiple times. I've only installed Cpanel manually over 100 times in the last three years.

I will put this debate to rest shortly.

>>SC-Daniel: See..I would have taken you at your word if you had said something like:

You have to use xyz.script from within the /scripts directory to reassign the main IP to the system..or something to that effect.

Matters not. We will know the truth shortly. Four templates will be made:

Centos 4.6 32bit
Centos 4.6 64bit
Centos 5.2 32bit
Centos 5.2 64bit

On Dallas 1 server. The openvz kernel will be applied to the other four distros on Seattle 1 server (identical hardware) and then..if I really feel lucky..on Seattle2(Intel).

Hmmm. While we're on the topic..what do y'all think about Cpanel on Windows? ;)

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Just my 2 cents, but they do work.

At GeekLayer we use them for fast setup, of course though, we have to go in and change the settings to the correct IP 'Main Shared Virt IP', but none-the-less it does work.

The cpanel license is bought ahead of time before we actually start the creation though, that way when the VPS is setup everything works a-OK.

Edit: Of course, Daniel has already said this, it's just a matter of you trying yourself.

HyperVM has a 'create OSTemplate' which images everything of the current server, cpanel/whm included. When you setup the new VPS you select that template and within an hour or so, it's setup.
Ok..ok. Fine.

I was aware of HyperVM's create a template function as well..even though I never used it.

I am glad I was wrong about this..more than you ever know. Serious. :)

>>OK..let's make a bit easier for others:

What command do you use to change out the main IP?

Do you also have to run:


since the hostname has changed as well?

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Thanks guys I will create a few templates then!
Would I have to create one for each package if ram/hdd is diff? or not?
Thanks guys I will create a few templates then!
Would I have to create one for each package if ram/hdd is diff? or not?

No, just one template per OS and control panel will suffice, all quotas are handled in the underlying OpenVZ config files and quota files for the guest.

OS Templates do work, if one of the standard ones that comes with HyperVM is not sufficient, check out the following link from the OpenVZ site where you can download additional templates.


Just use wget and download them to the /vz/template/cache directory and they will automatically be added to the list of available templates in HyperVM
Again..I am glad this is possible. I cannot tell you how many hours I devoted to trying to get a cpanel template to work..to no avail.

Things are underway..just dragging (as usual). I'll be able to share more tomorrow..probably. :)

>>I just don't understand the thinking behind telling a person.."NO..you're wrong..it can be done"..and then leave it at that without even so much as a hint of how to do it correctly.

It makes no sense at all..not that I should expect it, I guess.

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Aye..yet another money-losing WHT affair of mine. You'll notice nobody...nobody..offered something like that. I've had two people PM me out of the blue begging for cpanel templates..hence my opinion it was not feasible.

Oddly enough..nobody has ever offered it since then either..which solidified my opinion even more.

Add this to the pile: Not many people we even slightly interested with it.

Oh..there were a few..but certainly not as many as I had hoped.

So that was the end of that..for awhile...until you posted this thread.

Thank you! :)

>>If you're really serious about this..search under my nick in the "VPS" section of that board to learn everything you need to know about proper setup and memory management issues..and much more.

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