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tech staff

Always by the skills and experience they have. They might have all sorts of qualifications, but without experience in the hosting industry, it would take a lot of training.
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I get a good feel for what the person is like. If I've got somebody really dedicated to the subject - and has knowledge of being an admin or mod - I'll look into making that person a team member. If someone has really great knowledge for the system - and a good amount of interest in the subject, I do the same.. The people I like having at the top level are the people who can run the system, handle the people, and choose a good team.
Take test before you choose. You can ask question related to your day to day task and check if they can answer properly.
We requires them to send in a resume, then our HR will review them one by one.

Of cause, choosing those with experience, and those with the required qualification.
However, we will still choose those without experience (fresh graduates), because no one started with experience.
For every job, training should come with it. Experience is a definite plus, but I think a good trait for tech support is personality. They have to be a people and customer oriented to be a successful individual.
Someone with experience is a must. I always choose people who are willing to dedicate sometime and that know what they are doing.
I haven't hired many support staff members yet but I always check their previous experience in similar jobs and also experience with computers and web hosting in overall. Reputation and dedication on a web hosting forum like FreeWebSpace is also a plus. Good English skills are also a must to have to provide good and understandable support.
Choosing the right staff, not only for Tech Support, but also for Sales, Marketing, Design etc. is a delicate process and it shouldn't be left to just anyone. The interviewee should be capable of not just compare facts from a CV, but to know what questions to ask, in order to get the best feel of the candidate. I would agree that experience is a strong plus, but this mostly is valid for the US and other bigger countries with lots of companies on the market, because otherwize the options for gaining this experience, are limited.

I would definately consider their interest in the area and their willingness to learn. After all, the training is where it all gets clear and where the skillful are separated. So when you have a strong core of senior staff, they can pass their knowledge to those "fast learners" and in the next training cycle they will pass their knowledge to the newbies and so on... This process also builds loyalty with your staff and makes them feel more involved :talk: