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Review my design please. [1024x819]

Discussion in 'Webdesign / HTML' started by sarmth, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    Hi guys, I'm wanting to know what your thoughts are on this design of mine that I have now completed phase 3.

    I'd like to know what you guys think, and how I can improve this design, colours, fonts and so on, You all know the drill.

    Basically the scheme of this is to be colour neutral, to not take too much attention away from the content, whilst making it look nice, and feel nice but not be too bulky.

    So feedback, feedback, and feedback.

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  2. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    Maybe change the colors to the header image. Blue font on white background looks like google ads to me.
    The font size on content is too small, hard to read.
  3. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    @AboutWeb: Do you have a colour in mind for the header text?

    Please note, the design was distorted by Imageshack.us, it was designed in "1280 × 1024" which makes the Body of Content much more readable, even for someone who needs glasses like me :( But it appears to show properly when viewed as the original JPG and in PS, whereas the uploaded image is smaller by comparison and more distorted.

    Oh Poop... I just realised that I posted this in the wrong forum... LMFAO!!!

    Mod Please?
  4. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    Hmmm, can't think of a good color right now, but try one that will match color of your images. I could say even more, having a black background and also black navigation menu, is depressing..if you ask me. Can you make a lighter background on your navmenu ?
  5. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    Lighter background on the navimenu will look out of shape with the blending on the edges of the Body of Content, that's the only issue. You will see a noticeable square rather then blending.
    I have a couple of ideas for a replacement of the header text issue, am running them by some of my crew first, will keep you guys updated within the next 10 - 30 minutes.

  6. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    Since you are using Photoshop, as I noticed the mirror effect on your header text, you could use a different effect that will fill up the blank space, such as "Gradient Tool". Or you can come up with something better :)
  7. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    Ok, so, I got raving reviews from my posse about this one...

    This is the original design aspect ratio so please let me know what you think with the modifications, I think it looks more filled up, and still looks clean, not too packed.

  8. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    Now your header looks a lot better. Only the navmenu I don't like...
    Take a look at these 2 websites:
    They both have black navmenu, but the the background isn't black, so the navmenu looks better there.
  9. flashfango

    flashfango New Member

    I can't open your link, what happened? I asked some friends help me open it, but failed, but i eager to enjoy your design!
  10. JerrickYeoh

    JerrickYeoh New Member

    You may improve your font with better especially WEST DESIGN which is your brand name but it din not look shine at all.
    Beside that the content you enter did not show you professional enough . You need to put more effort in order to build trust to your client as well.
    sarmth likes this.
  11. rolandkeys

    rolandkeys New Member

    Maybe if you make sections with borders and apply some margin to the content...
  12. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    the navigation buttons need to stand out more. they get lost
  13. AboutWeb

    AboutWeb New Member

    The OP, sarmth, hasn't logged in since march.
  14. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    wow, didnt even realize that. wondered why i hadnt seen anything from her lately.
    deeplist likes this.
  15. razorrazor

    razorrazor New Member

    I think your desing is too oldschool and not trendy, just go and see some monster templates samples and you'll se what i'm talking about!
    sarmth likes this.
  16. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    The photo looks more like one of a customer service sales person than an IT consultant. Perhaps better to have a nice logo instead of a photo as the photo is distracting and giving the wrong message. The banner font looks anorexic and I can't read the mirror image of the fonts. I'd go for something a little more bold and assertive.
  17. DeityExMachina

    DeityExMachina New Member

    itttly the

    Nice design dude!! simple yet elegant
  18. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    Dude? She's a chick.

    And adding to that, she hasn't even been back to this thread in over 3 months.
    iBrightDev likes this.
  19. wisdomjobs

    wisdomjobs New Member

    Decrease the size of the images, and try to write description in order and it look good.
  20. Phil Comforthost

    Phil Comforthost New Member

    Yeah, i recon the black background of the buttons donesn't look right either...

    But also, the headers next to the images are too close to the images, they should be in line with the bullet points.

    Still, nice one dudette :)

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