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Is anyone still using anything below Windows XP?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by worlditsme, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. worlditsme

    worlditsme New Member

    I just wondered if anyone here is using any Windows OS below XP, even though it is now 2011.
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  2. DuncanCox

    DuncanCox New Member

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why not XP. I am using XP and I like it. I like XP because it is more classic and useful.
  3. carolrastet

    carolrastet New Member

    Well, several my friends programmers use sometimes Windows 98 (the reas of the time they are under Ubuntu)))))
  4. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    My girlfriend runs on Windows 2000. Which is very old ;)
  5. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    i gotta ask the question...
    @DuncanCox, how is XP more useful than say, Windows 7?

    and classic? i would say 2000, 98, and 95 are more classic than XP, just my opinion of course.

    as for the OP question, i am unfortunately stuck to using XP Pro at work, but, other than that, i have vista on a machine at home that is used as a server for my movies and music. other than that, i use Mac. My trusty old G4 is going to take over mover serving and my laptops are for anything else.
  6. paulkingston

    paulkingston New Member

    i am using window 7
    and i left left window xp 2 year ago
  7. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    Windows 2000 made a very stable NT based server platform back in the day for those who wanted an Windows box. I wouldn't be surprised if there's still quite a few Win2K boxes in use. It's certainly more cost efficient than buying Windows Server 2003 or 2008 licenses, by far.
  8. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    Her PC is about 12 years old and runs still pretty good. We have upgraded the ramm, but thats about it.
  9. DuncanCox

    DuncanCox New Member

    I guess Window 98 is still young. People are using it and it is still working fine.Microsoft is also providing customer service for Window 98.
  10. TaoPhoenix

    TaoPhoenix Well-Known Member NLC

    Heh whoa!
    From Wikipedia -
    Microsoft support for Windows 98 ended on 11 July 2006.

    Also, software vendors are increasingly ending support for it too.
  11. Scribe

    Scribe New Member

    A couple of months ago I removed windows 98 from a computer
    that my brother had been using. The problem was that the specs
    of the computer were so low that it was nearly useless anyway.
    (64 mb RAM, 6 GB HDD) I installed an old version of Ubuntu
    Server on it and used it for a while as a development server,
    but now it has been retired for good. I still have the parts, though.

    The way I see it, most of the computers that had 98 on it, simply are
    too old. And if you've got a newer computer, then why on earth
    put win 98 on it? If you had, say 256-512 MB RAM, you wouldn't run
    win 98 but win2K, XP, or lightweight Linux distros.
  12. adam456

    adam456 Member

    Only few people use old windows . All are prefer to use latest and latest and still demand some new.
  13. oniscorp

    oniscorp New Member

    2000 is the only Win OS I remember caring for. It played Dungeon Keeper 2 perfectly :) If it had wifi support, I wouldn't mind dropping Windows 7 off the laptop.
  14. SiberForum

    SiberForum New Member

    What would be a reason of using something at the technologies which are currently unsupported? Maybe only as the museum exhibit...
  15. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    Upgrade costs, for one.
  16. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    A business I did some networking work for at some point was and still is using Windows 2000 and the associated server series. They moved to XP at one point and had nothing but problems with the networking aspect. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. Windows 2000 worked every time without issue.

    The second factor was that their computers were outdated. Windows 2000 ran great. Windows XP slowed the computers to a crawl. When you factor in the costs of updating hardware, updating software, OS licenses, etc. across a business environment, sometimes it just isn't worth it.
  17. katiekitty

    katiekitty New Member

    I am still using Windows XP occasionally.
    It is still working very good, and even better than Vista.
  18. adam456

    adam456 Member

    My brother run window 98 for playing some stupid games .
  19. softaculous

    softaculous New Member

    I have been using Xp since last 5 years and i am still using it because it is very easy to use and simple.
  20. Aaron Gregory

    Aaron Gregory New Member

    Wow, anybody using 97? Good old days of simplicity ;)

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