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Is anyone still using anything below Windows XP?

I couldn't even imagine still using XP :-/ I've been off it since 2008 or 2009. It's so ugly looking to me! LOL But yes, I still see XP very popular in work places that refuse to upgrade because it means having to update legacy software which means spending more $$
The only one who could use some version of windows under XP would be some a company i think.
I knew a publicity company that needed windows 98 because the program was not supported in any version of windows that was about windows 98 and they had no choice but to stick with that windows.
The program was used to cut the letters they were using to stick on commercials.
I was using Windows XP about for 5 years. Even when windows 7 appears I didn't hurry to reinstall it. But now i think it is too old, and it doesn't compare with with software in our days.
Love how people and bots are still replying to a 3 year old thread, but this forum is so ghostly nowdays.

Anyway, I've got a real winner here.

Its 2016, and at my workplace is a trio of machines running MSDOS 6.22.

That's right, 25 year old software. On 25 year old hardware.

The hardware for each machine is an i386SX at 25MHz, with 640kb of 30 pin simm ram in it.
When I started working here, they were without hard drives and booted from 3.5" floppy discs. Over time the floppy drives began to fail, and I figured out that I could use a 2GB industrial CF card as an IDE hard drive. Was just a matter of finding valid CHS geometry for the bios to understand how to get to the data.

Each unit serves as a 2 axis precision CNC controller, making use of an ISA servo card and proprietary software to do so. There is absolutely no reason to upgrade these units any further, and they will serve in this function until they die of hardware failure. Given that I can find museum quality mainboards and RAM to fit them on ebay, I can probably nurse them along for another 10-20 years without issue as long as the servocard does not malfunction.
Win xp is quite popular in some countries but I couldn't believe that anyone could use OS below Win XP. Almost all applications require Win XP or upper.
Maybe few but most of all and majority using the newest and latest os
I have to disagree with you on this.

A LOT of people, more than ever before, have been upset with Windows 10 in particular. Especially given Microsoft's deceptive tactics in upgrading people, to the point where they have lost lawsuits over lost profits caused by the forced upgrades.

Over time it will eventually win out given the lack of alternatives, but I have a lot of reasons to suspect that there is a lot more outdated versions still in use than the published statistics reflect.

Between the combination of people who won't fix what isn't broken and thus stayed on windows 7 and 8 until their hardware dies, and people who actively rejected Windows 10 out of privacy or stability concerns but otherwise have no interest in participating in usage statistics, the number of outdated OS users is under-represented.