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How to convert PSD to WP?

Discussion in 'Webdesign / HTML' started by Lafaso870, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Lafaso870

    Lafaso870 New Member

    Hi everyone! I need your advice. I don’t have extended knowledge about HTML, I know just basics. And it’s too hard and killing to code. I have inspiration and I’d like to design with pleasure not making boring work. Can you advise me any tool or maybe software that can convert my PSD to WordPress theme? Any ideas? Waiting for your help.
  2. paullopez

    paullopez New Member

    While searching for solution I've found this website divine-project[dot]com. This will helps you to to convert Photoshop to Wordpress theme.
  3. Yojance

    Yojance New Member

    Although there may be a lot of tools to help you create a WordPress theme, nothing beats coding it by hand. If you do it by hand, you can take complete control of how the PHP code behaves and what information you get from the database.
  4. npgg

    npgg New Member

    looking for same

    Divine looks great. but it may not give what you want. its better to code with your own. may be its time to learn.
  5. johnyjoker

    johnyjoker New Member

    if you have web designer than they can do better , by the way I am suing Online Tools for this .. Search on Google I am sure you will find it :evilb:
  6. razorrazor

    razorrazor New Member

    There are no tools to conversion all things dome mostly by html/css designers hands and psd slices.
  7. darkness ace

    darkness ace New Member

    Hmmm to convert i can tell u one thing u dont need school to learn a little bit php and xhtml/css . go to nettuts.com or css-tricks.com thay have videos how to do that step by step trust me it will help , helped me :) good luck .
  8. barbaradoris2

    barbaradoris2 New Member

    An helpful psd to wordpress conversion resource list can be found here
  9. saurabh mathur

    saurabh mathur New Member


    • Slicing your PSD
    • Create index.html and style.css
    • Break down your index.html into wordpress theme file structure
    • Add wordpress tags
    • Add functionalities
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