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effective way of seo

Discussion in 'Host Talk' started by Webcs-Peter, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Webcs-Peter

    Webcs-Peter Member

    What are the most effective way of SEO?
    Share your experience please.
  2. Hi,

    Here are some of the most effective SEO techniques:

    Content Marketing - If you have a website, blogging is one good way of SEO. Always update your audience by giving them fresh and good content.

    Keywording - Remember, a good content is the one with good keywords. Add relevant keywords to your article so that it can be optimized easily.

    Social Media Marketing - Once you already have your article, you can easily share it on different social media sites for more exposure. In that way, you can gain many backlinks to your website.

    Submitting your article to different bookmarking and directory sites are also good strategies of SEO.
  3. nomanali

    nomanali Member

    For me the most effective way of seo is to build natural backlinks with quality content. If you have done good On-page optimization then just a little effort will help you get rank quickly.
  4. kevin Fisher

    kevin Fisher New Member

    1) Know your target audience
    2) On-Page SEO
    3) off-page SEO including link building and making connections
    4) Monitor and track your data and results
    5) Quality content and Keyword search
    6) Frequent website updating
    7) Social media integration
    8) Mobile search optimization
  5. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    Content marketing and and link building are good ways to build your website seo. They help to rank your website in search engines and also drives good traffic to your website.
  6. Do natural link building,select relevant pages to submit your site there, content should be unique.
  7. preetlove

    preetlove New Member

    seo is basically used to optimize websites or make famous your sites on the search engines. There are number of tasks which is used to optimize a keyword such as:
    Social bookmarking
    directory submission
    blog posting
    blog commenting
  8. cwvps

    cwvps Member

    On page SEO is simply basics and a must, therefore, it is very effective - deciding on which keywords to use, optimizing your images, etc. Social media, social bookmarking, blog and forum commenting, guest blogging is all god and very effective, but should come after the completion of on page optimization.
  9. For SEO on page is a must. Because without doing this on page it's not possible to come in rank.
  10. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    Oh my God... here we go with this shit again. Must we beat this dead horse to death? Google isn't stupid and their algorithms pick up on this crap. (It's not like it was 10 to 15 years ago.) Focus on building RELEVANT content and stop worrying about trying to fool the search engines into increasing your result placement based on these unproven "under the table" SEO methods... which ultimately do nothing but waste your time and hurt you in the long run.
    wswd likes this.
  11. tk-hassan

    tk-hassan Member

    I would like to share a thing about article marketing, do not share your exact same article on many websites as it can be harmful to your SEO. Only Shared unique and quality content on each website/directory to get better results.
  12. weboutgateway

    weboutgateway New Member

    SEO Techniques

    · Set your keywords

    Deliberate the search term you use and consider yourself as a user; think of the effective search terms based on your website.

    · On-page optimization.

    Placing your search term in any of these: content, URL or in hidden tags of your website.

    · Off- page optimization.

    Optimize your website simply linking your website into other websites, or making your own blogs and link your website into it.
  13. Raees

    Raees New Member

    Link building is the most effective way of SEO.
  14. Following best on-page and off-page SEO techniques are the effective methods to boost up the traffic.
    On-Page SEO techniques
    * Meta tags
    * mobile compatibility
    * keyword density analysis
    * Proper URL structure
    * Internal Linking
    * External Linking
    Off-Page SEO techniques
    * Blogging
    * Guest Posting
    * Article Submission
    * Directory Submission
    * Video Promotion
  15. johnniewalk

    johnniewalk Member

    web analytics
    Build a good web site
    add site map page
    SEO-friendly URLs
    keyword research
    unique and relevant title and meta description
    pages Keep it readable with unique content
    anchor text when linking
    press releases
    social media marketing
    Diversify traffic sources
  16. techsophia

    techsophia New Member


    SEO is a very important part of the website, so that search engines can get visibility in the results page. But quality work is very important for SEO, as we all know, "Content is the King of SEO" Therefore, we are very specific and work quality.

    The most effective On-page Seo techniques are:

    Meta title
    Meta Keyword
    Meta Description
    H1 tag
    Robots.txt file
    The most effective Off-page Seo are:

    Forum Posting
    Social Bookmarking
    Blog Posting

    Hope this helps you.
  17. JJesica

    JJesica New Member

    I think content based technique are potential way like article, blog, guest blog with quality content.

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