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Do you have a smartphone?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sander k, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    Yes, I have Samsung Galaxy S4 at the moment and looking forward to switch to Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is coming in the next month. I have been using different Android phones for about 5 years and now my life seems to be incomplete without a smartphone. I love to go the Google Play market and download new apps virtually on daily basis. I have also couple of my Google play accounts banned in the past for some unknown reason but I still love Google Play and Android. They Rock
  2. King-Servers

    King-Servers New Member

    yes it was
    but sold
    nokia 1100 - the best :)
  3. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member NLC

    Since this thread was first started, I've switched from the Samsung Xzibit (low-end barely-smartphone) to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which I procured for like (edit: $50) from the AT&T store when I switched from T-Mobile. Immediately loaded Cyanogenmod (then, CM10.1, Now, CM11M10) on it, and have been completely happy since. It's great. Not a damn fluke with Cyanogenmod.
  4. Alex J.

    Alex J. New Member

    I've got a note 2 and use it for the internet pretty much everyday :).

    I don't visit FWS but I do use FF. Really no complaints about it and the screen size works wonders for me when considering I use the internet daily (not a lot of screen resizing involved).
  5. suchi

    suchi New Member

    Samsung Galaxy S Duos with UC Browser.
  6. Andie Siders

    Andie Siders New Member

    I have an LG Volt from Boost Mobile and I love it. It runs on the latest Android firmware and I use the Opera or the stock browser.
  7. Saul1

    Saul1 New Member

    Yes, i have Google Nexus 5 and it has interesting features.
  8. Host Dingle

    Host Dingle Member

    Planning to purchase Iphone 6 plus
  9. jkbai28

    jkbai28 New Member

    I am having google nexus 5 and I love it.
  10. CoMBoZo

    CoMBoZo New Member

    I'm using a windows phone smart phone " Nokia lumia " and i'll visit FWS Everyday :)
  11. alornishan1

    alornishan1 New Member


    Yes, I've smart phone and i'm using for various types of internet works
  12. oghenk

    oghenk New Member

    I have Samsung Galaxy mini. I am using Opera mini as browser.
  13. FileStorage.at

    FileStorage.at New Member

    No, but I do have a valid reason. I've used computers for over 15 years, and I'm a big nerd and technofile.

    Lately though, I've realized just how much the internet has taken over my life, and affected me in many negative ways. This includes socially; my generation doesn't know how to interact with each other anymore, mentally; it's difficult to remember anything when information is there at the push of a button, and in other aspects of life.

    I honestly don't think the constant influx of information is a good thing, and it's certainly been an addiction in my life. Just try going without the internet for a couple weeks and you'll see what I mean.

    For this reason, I'm trying to use computers and the internet as a tool rather than a lifestyle, and connect with people on a more intimate basis. Sometimes this involves leaving my (dumb) phone at home entirely. So it's for this reason that I choose not to carry a miniature PC with me all the time, and experience life rather than creating endless diversions.
  14. austin11

    austin11 New Member

    Yes i have, i am using Samsung galaxy Grand Duos 2
  15. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    iPhone 6.0 ;) And LOVING it!
  16. hellsing

    hellsing Member

    Just purchased my first Smart Phone. A Junior in its class Samsung Galaxy J5. It comes with a nifty camera though. 13 mega pixels. Second camera has 5. 1.5 GB memory and 8GB space. Still have to open it up though, and will wait a while first. Just so much to do these days and not enough time to get to everything.
    joyce22 likes this.
  17. joyce22

    joyce22 Member

    Yes I have and I use internet too onto this. I have Galaxy Note 4. Anyways I like this one too much.
  18. joyce22

    joyce22 Member

    That's lovely! Enjoy your first Smart Phone.
  19. alornishan1

    alornishan1 New Member

    I use microsoft lumia 540. It is good. Ilike it.
  20. nomanali

    nomanali Member

    Yes i use smart phone and also surf internet on it

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