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DDoS Attack


My apologies to all FreeWebspace.net visitors over the last 48 hours. When the site has been online it's been intermittent at best. If you saw our home page I'm sure you're now aware that we were hit with a large DDoS attack.

At times the throughput coming in exceeded 400 mbit/sec. In response we did pull the old IP and moved it over to another one in anticipation of another attack. That technique allowed some of you to visit at times. However, due to the bandwidth being used our upstream provider started to invoke extremely high charges per incident.

As a result Peo and I decided it would be wise to leave the site down until we could move it. We placed the order for a new server on Monday and had to wait until today for it to be set up. The day was spent compiling software and migrating everything over to the new server.

We have picked the current provider after reviewing a number of networks and the design to help deter some of these attacks. No solution is perfect, but we hope that this will greatly help.

Thank you for your patience during this period, we really do appreciate it!
It was so boring..... I was starting to wonder if the database had become stuffed or something... :p
Thanks guys. Todd has done a fantastic job bringing the server back up under these circumstances. Hopefully it will resolve everywhere soon, I'm still accessing it through the ip.
Good news here. I think thast you gus have to think more about your forum protection. I think that is very important.
Well done - no one is ever 100% safe from these numpties, but good job keeping at it qudos :)
Finally , i got worried that FWS closed down - silly me .

Well god luck and hope nothing similar comes up in near future !
400mbit a second is fast, where did the attack come from ?? you got some ip addresses right ?? anyone can ddos ....
Glad you guys are back up - hope you dont take to much of an activity hit from the downtime.;)

Has this happened before by the way ?
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It's happened a couple of times before. The most recent one I beleive we had in April. The attack was much more powerful this time. It might not be over yet as he tried to attack us on this server too, but failed so far. Apparently wht have been hit by the same. We won't post what we know about the source of the attack.