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Any better system like adf.ly?

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by Hamed, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Hamed

    Hamed Active Member

    Is there any better system like adf.ly?
  2. fsd

    fsd Active Member

    From a consumer point of view, on the few sites I come across that use adf.ly, I usually X out of that website and never use it again. They are sooo annoying.
  3. 7pz hosting

    7pz hosting New Member


    As far as being better, I don't know. I dislike all these kinds of websites and never click-thru
  4. SentoWeb

    SentoWeb New Member

    I have tried "link locking" websites in the past and they have never really proven to be useful. Unless you are willing your day spamming forums to promote warez it isn't really going to pay off.

    Although this is not exactly relevant to your question, are you sure that there is no other way to monetize that traffic? You could offer them surveys, develop a popular facebook page (which can be used to advertise products and your other websites), build a newsletter list, etc. You should research these options before (possibly) risking the reputation of your websites.
  5. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    Personally, any website that has flash ads, ads which have sound and any type of ad which attempts to mimic the look of a website get closed instantly!
  6. thcservers

    thcservers New Member

    do you get any converting from these paid traffic websites? for me they didn't work at all and i bought like 500.000 visits by now ... and nothing, only alexa rank increased... that's all
  7. kiddoman

    kiddoman New Member

    All of the sites you listed above have poor reputations. When I open these links with my FireFox, my WOT plugin show me an message "This website has a poor reputation based user ratings."

    BTW, I have used adf.ly and want to earn some extra money through it. However, it only helped me earn $1 for 1 month (Note: My website has 1000 unique visitors per day), then I decide to delete all the links of adf.ly from my website.
  8. EnveraHost

    EnveraHost New Member

    Google AdSense

    I say use Google AdSense it is easy and quick.
  9. viacom

    viacom New Member

    i find adf.ly better than linkbucks as it's has website entry script which is unique in adf.ly wherever visitors visit your website you get paid what can be better than that.:evilb:
  10. Athertle-2FH

    Athertle-2FH New Member

    If you're talking about how much revenue you can get, AdFoc.us has a much better payout rate that AdF.ly.
  11. Alex J.

    Alex J. New Member

    What is it you don't like about Adf.ly?

    Adf.ly is such a basic script you could essentially just build your own. Place Google Ads or another ad networks (or sell directly) and there you have it, your own solution.
  12. bakulaw123

    bakulaw123 New Member

  13. LowVM

    LowVM New Member

    Sell ads yourself else you will not know why no one click on your advertisement due to Adblock type softwares.

    Billions of users use Adblock ;)
  14. nomanali

    nomanali Member

    I like Google adsense only. All other programs makes visitor irritated and then they never come back to your website.

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